Answering Questions While Flying

Ok! I gotta fly to NYC tonight at midnight (PST) and I’m gonna be bored. So if the plane has wi-fi I’ll answer any questions anyone has about WKUK or this new album or anything!

I even made a fancy new graphic for it! See? It’s at the top of the page! It took me 5 hours.

Just leave me questions here! And then once they let us turn on laptops I’ll start answering them (It’ll probably be around midnight PST).

We’ll see if this works or if it’s stupid! Thanks!

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I’m heading to New York tomorrow to record a brand new comedy CD!

This is a solo album that I’ve been writing for the past year. It’ll have about 12 new songs on it.

I don’t have a title for it yet. So if anyone has any ideas, lemme know. So far, my favorite potential album titles are “Get 30 Hours of AOL for Free with this Installation Disc” or “If You Pirate This You’ll Get AIDS.”

I’m going to be updating this site a lot as I’m in the studio – I know I keep saying I’m going to update the site – but I mean it this time. For serious. Promise.

Also; if you have any questions about WKUK, this album or anything else, leave ‘em as a comment and I’ll answer them every Friday from now on.

I swear.

OK, that’ll do it for now. Bye!

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WKUK 2012 Tour

The Whitest Kids U’ Know 2012 tour starts this week! Here’s where we’ll be and links to get tickets!

1/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Largo

1/26 – San Francisco @ Cobbs

1/27 – Portland, OR @ The Hawthorne

1/28 – Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project

2/10 – Boston, MA @ The Royale

2/11 – Philadelphia, PA @ The TROC

2/12 – Washington D.C. @ The State

2/24 – Madison, WI @ The Majestic

2/25 – Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop

2/26 – Chicago, IL @ Up Comedy Club

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Thank You All For 5 Great Years

Tonight, the final episode of the Whitest Kids U’ Know airs on IFC and I’d just like to say ‘thank you’ to all of you out there who have tuned in week after week, sent our sketches around youtube and told everyone about our little show.

It’s hard to believe that its been 5 years since we debuted on the Fuse network ( right before Pants Off Dance Off! ) and so many of you have been so kind and supportive since day one.
I remember doing a live interview on Steve’s Untitled Rock Show, only one week after the show came out, and being shocked that so many people who liked the show actually came down to the studio to say ‘Hi’ and stand outside the window (in the rain even!).

When the show moved to IFC, I was, again, shocked by how many of you wrote in saying you were going to add the channel so you could watch our show. And every time we’ve toured, it’s been amazing how nice and cool everybody we’ve met has been. ( Hardly any of you give us a hard time about how crappily rehearsed our live shows are!)

If it wasn’t for so many of you sending our sketches around the Internet, we never would have gotten the show, and if it wasn’t for you guys embracing the show the way you did, we’d never would have been picked up by IFC, and if it wasn’t for how awesome you’ve been to us since then, we’d never have been able to do 5 seasons.

This isn’t the end of the story. We’ll still tour as a troupe, we’ll still make specials and we’re writing a new film as we speak – but we’re getting to the end of a chapter. And it’s been a great chapter thanks to you guys.

Love you all, see you soon


(And a very special thanks to everyone at IFC for putting up with us for all these years. We’d never have been able to make a show this dirty, anywhere else :) )

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the 2nd WHATEVR SHOW tickets are on sale!!!

JUNE 4th!!!\\\



NICK THUNE and MATT BRAUNGER will be performing! PLUS MANY MORE!!!


See you there!

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OK … I’ve got a lot to cover here and not alot of time.

First … here’s footage I found of Bin Laden’s dead body …

Dead Bin Laden footage

2ND!  THE CIVIL WAR ON DRUGS will be screened IN IT’S ENTIRETY in NYC on JUNE 9th at the 92nd Street Y!  All 5 of us will be there to do a Q&A afterwards!

TICKETS AREN’T AVAILABLE YET – but mark your calendar and check back here (cuz I’ll announce when they ARE available)

Here’s the poster though!

3rd!!!  I’ll be doing my WHATEVER SHOW at the UCB theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 4th at 10 pm!

TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS WEEKEND! But the last one was a lot of fun! And this time really chill people like Matt Braunger and Nick Thune will be guests!!

Here’s what showed up when I Google image searched “Whatever”:

4th!!! Thanks for everyone tuning in to this week’s ‘Breaking In’. It’s still too early to tell if the show has been saved – but we should know something by next week! But thanks again to everyone who watched/DVR’d and tweeted about it!

And finally!!! There’s a brand new episode of “Whitest Kids” tonight at 10:30 on IFC!! Including the 6th chapter of The Civil war on Drugs!!! Check it out if you can! This could be the VERY LAST episode if the world ends on Saturday!!!!!

Love you all! Bye!!!

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I am in Heathrow Airport (which is English for ‘JFK Airport’)
If anyone reading this has never been to London. This is what it looks like:

Also: they still have Hobbit/elf sized Coke’s here.

This is because it is such an old country. We didn’t discover America until after all of the Hobbits/elves had been killed by that giant meteor. So we only have big people sized things.

This was the view from outside of my airplane as we were flying.

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New WKUK airing now!!!!!


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Tonight Show taping

I’m at the Tonight Show right now. Mikey Day and I are presenting a bit that we shot a couple of weeks ago.

I walked past Jodie Foster and she said that we were “funny” and I blurted out something like “I love ‘Contact’!”

Which, in retrospect, probably just seemed really creepy. I hope she remembers that she made a movie called that.

This is a picture I took of her. Not really.

There’s a wall here that has the name of everybody who’s ever been on the show. I found my name and took a picture:

If this were a seating arrangement at a fancy dinner, I’m sure Howie Mandel would be skeeved out by how close I am to touching him.

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Lotsa stuff today!

There’s a brand new episode of WKUK tonight at 10:30 on IFC!
And I’ll be livechatting during it here!

AND I’m doing the ‘Tonight Show’ this evening! Check it out if you can, we did a pretty funny piece for this episode.

Also, thanks for tweeting #SaveBreakingIn and leaving comments. The support has been terrific and I really think it’s helping keep the show around.

Well, I’ll talk to you guys later tonight!

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