The Civil War On Drugs

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  1. Schwilliams says:

    Hey Trevor! Do you know why season 5 isn’t on Netflix instant queue?

  2. Trevor says:

    I have no idea. I think ThePirateBay has it though

  3. Dan says:

    Coming soon to DVD/Blu-Ray, right?

  4. Dani says:

    What in the world would we do without The Pirate Bay? They have contributed to maxing out my hard drives. lol

  5. Sandy says:

    @Schwilliams: Amazon releases them the next day on Instant Video for $2-$3 an episode :D
    Totally worth it!

  6. hillary says:

    Can’t wait for chapter five! How many chapters are there?

  7. DJ says:

    @Trevor – Only you would suggest Pirate Bay to someone to watch your show

  8. meowsa says:

    Everyone I know (including myself) loves the Civil War On Drugs… we’re seconding the hope that it comes out on DVD. You guys are awesome… we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. David says:

    I kinda invented durgs just sayin…

  10. Yes, Civil War on Drugs DVD needs to be released.
    “As long as nobody is being hurt, what gives you the right to go around and tell people how to live their lives?”

  11. Shammie says:

    i miss W.K.U.K :( now my Fri. nights are nothing…
    :( but the reruns are just as great! :D you guys ROCK! :D Miss You ALL! And when will Season 5 be available to get on DVD?

  12. Jamie says:

    Ya my us history teacher told us to study the civil war for our final do of course all I did was watch your movie! Loved it and actually didn’t do too bad on the test! Miss WKUK! ;)

  13. Jamie says:

    Ya my us history teacher told us to study the civil war for our final so of course all I did was watch your movie! Loved it and actually didn’t do too bad on the test! Miss WKUK! ;)

  14. Bella says:

    The Civil Warn on Drugs! Is the best movie ever! I laughed so much! And I love the Pony Express! Amazing! Realese it on DVD world wide please! Even on Demand would do great. All of you guys are so great on it! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  15. Bella says:

    And I have to clarify I don’t do drugs and I don’t like them I don’t even drink. I like to live the healthy life style but this movie goes beyond that. It is so intelligent and so funny!

  16. Drew says:

    I loved the movie and thought it was very well written as well as hilarious, but what song plays when you guys smoke with Bob? I keep finding a bunch of different answers but none of them seem right.

  17. Isabel says:

    This movie is so amazing! Love the lighting and the way you shot it. Also great acting! The dialogue is genius! You have to release it on DVD with a commentary. Why don’t you try to get it out on TV like on a more edgy network let’s get ambitious like HBO, Showtime or somewhere that can reach an international audience I don’t see why not, give it a try. The networks are in serious need of actually funny productions. The movie is really funny and intelligent and I think beautifully shot. This is way better than most of the trash that comes out all the time with no original ideas whatsoever. And it has a lot of creative merit and the fact you accomplished such a good product with such a small budget and limited time to shoot is remarkable. It also shows how passionate and committed you are with your work, how hard working you are; you are the kind of people production companies should be hiring not ex convict addicts. And the Pony Express guys didn’t die they were seriously injured but thank God they made it! I love them!!!! They are the funniest ever! The studios and networks are losing by not working with you. You guys are really talented, intelligent and open. That’s what people want; we are sick and tired of the afraid and pleasing. Go for it! You totally can get it! :)

  18. Isabel says:

    If I may add. This movie also presents in a magnificent subtle way invaluable life reflections without explaining. One example like how evil absolutely everybody is to their parents specially if they are nice. This is also one of the many reasons of how important it is to make the effort and stop succumbing to our evolutionary instinct and completely stop perpetuating our defective species. And so the best surviving technique for the ones left is shared. When at war simply go the Doug way: “Guys my stomach” You’ll make it! “The Civil War on Drugs” is a must for soldiers all around the Planet. Incredible movie. I’m really crazy about it! Amazing script and so many great details! Congrats Trevor and WK guys!

  19. Matt Berry says:

    Doug! We’re too High we can’t help you Doug go find someone else!

  20. jason says:

    Yes a DVD blu-ray release of ‘The Civil War on Drugs’ is something the world would be a lesser place without. with mass media flooding everything and everyone it is so refreshing to see true talent and pure comedy. You don’t have to use garbage made by the cooperate machine or compromising quality for anything. The only shame is that you and your friends aren’t replacing the failing, rarely funny, aging SNL which doesn’t even hold a candle to WKUK. Please don’t stop doing brilliant TV. Doing so would be a crime against humanity, in this day and age we need heroes in the media, and we need to laugh. I had forgotten how to for years, until my girlfriend showed me “Dinosaur Rap”..

    Thank you for your service to this country!

  21. Presto says:

    Movie was amazing. Watched the thing again. Where did you shoot it? The sets look amazing and authentic

  22. Sage&Lexie says:

    Hey Trevor,
    My friend and I loved you in this movie!!! So glad we watched it!! We love you and we love your acting!!! Please, please respond!!! I would JIZZ rainbows. C: <3

  23. Unknown says:

    Hey Trevor my name is Salem and I’m from UAE and I’m a big fan of yours I loved the movie miss march I thought it was really funny I pissed my pants when I first saw it and I hope to get a reply from you soon …!!!

  24. andreas says:

    your the best comedy person i know :D . are you going to do more wkuk?

  25. Katie says:

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore you!! You need to come to Canada at some point!

    Is there any where I can buy the MP3s for Dinosaur Rap and Old Folks Home? I looked on all the sites I could find associated with WKUK and iTunes but I couldn’t find those ones.

    Thanks =D

  26. Renacs J. says:

    Are you still in touch with the gang? Ive seen Zach doin his stuff on Guys with kids but just not the same when he is alone you know:/

  27. hey can someone tell me how to find this song i searched on youtube and it is NOWHERE please i need help finding this song it’s amazing :)

  28. Ryan says:

    Can you tell me where to get more images of bob ? I want a gif of him saying ” wait am I not being cool?” Cause that’s one of the truest moments in televised weed smoking history.

  29. junaid says:

    you are doing great trevor god bless u

  30. Angel says:

    me and my friend are in the 6th grade and started watching wkuk in the 5th lol we got sad when Doug died lol and the hitler rap was cool too.

    • Bogoce says:

      I don’t remember life berfoe RSS feeds. My morning ritual is to open my email and then open my reader and the day goes from there. And yes I am a long time subscriber, but this is my first comment.

  31. Tamara says:

    Hey Trevor,

    My review doesn’t count for much, but still — well done! Lots of clever humor and it looked really good too — they said you had a small budget — impressive! The Whitest Kids You Know is to skit comedy what Doug Stanhope and Louis CK are to standup (It’s meant to be a big compliment!)… Or, you’re like a gorgeous call girl with a degree in philosophy (hence the prostitution, get it?) within a crowd of smelly meth hookers. So many entertainers stopped bothering with shit like intelligence or creativity when they realized most people will still pay a lot to see the same shitty product released with a different name every few months — of course, maybe they were driven there by our stupidity. Thanks for not giving up.

    Anyway, what I came here to ask is what piece samples when the “horses” appear. I can’t name it but I want to hear it in full — it’s beautiful.

    Thank you!

  32. Drewski says:

    @Trev lets hang out when you are in San Fran Area! We can go to a old folks home “”

  33. Eric says:

    Dear Trevor Moore,

    I am curious to know if you are available to critique a script. I am not soliciting the work to you, but would like a second opinion.

    All the best,

  34. Jason says:

    What ever happened to Punjabi?

    • Yaprak says:

      Haha, this video was weird! I totally did not expcet it to be so weird! But it’s super cool to see you and your dad so outgoing and just having a good time! I probably couldn’t go this far with my parents but most likely with my brothers! I should try it… :D

  35. Hugo says:

    Thank you for creating the ultimate stoners program. Many lolz have been had while high as giraffe balls.

  36. Thank you for your good writeup. It really was previously any fun account this. Appearance elaborate in order to additional sent acceptable on your part! However, how can we keep up a correspondence?

  37. Joey says:

    I’d love to watch this movie Trevor, but I’m too high….dude, I said I’m too high. I like this movie, I’m just too high to watch it. SERIOUSLY, I’M TOO HIGH!!!!

  38. Alexander says:

    Hi Trevor! You are amazing! Just wanted to say that.
    Any news on the wkuk movie?

  39. Steve says:

    Loved your movie Trevor. Do you accept bitcoin donations?

  40. I benefit from perusing your internet site. Thanks a ton!

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  42. Jeremy Mitchell says:

    Trevor, where can I find the civil war on drugs? I’ve searched the web and found nothing.. I’d be more than happy to pay good money for a copy.. If I could only find it

  43. Riverdog says:

    IFC filed a complaint and had the link to your movie blocked. Can you please provide a new link to view your movie that works?

  44. Rick says:

    Hey Trevor,
    Stupid question.. Trevor Moore and/or WKYK on SNL, any possibilities…interest.. ?

    Always wondered…

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  46. Eisley Sage Womban says:

    I have some pretty sweet rap songs that are anti Babylon . . . Funny shit. . . Like to have you, Trevor, create a video or two, whatcha think…?…

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