Drunk Texts To Myself (2013)

You can pick up my first solo album HERE!

31 Responses to Drunk Texts To Myself (2013)

  1. Ai says:

    An album? Serious musician shit or something to show Dirt Nasty who’s boss?

  2. Nitsuj says:

    I think you should make an actual Songs of Olden Times album, cause it would be fucking epic.

  3. Sachertorte says:

    Aww, where’d Jack the dog go?

  4. KC says:

    HOLY SHITZ?!?!?!?! You’re making an album!!!! FUCKING EPIC!!! :D DD

  5. germanguy says:

    As he was waving his various guns around on tinychat, Trevor mentioned that it’s going to be a comedy album! Can’t wait <3

  6. molly says:

    can we get some horsedick.mpeg up in here?

  7. bubba das bumm says:

    dude “old folks home” should definitely be in the mix!!! shit is dope! seriously dont know what about the damn song makes me slow down in my ride and sit a little lower….(yeah i have it on my ipod)…. (sorry didnt pay) make another fuckin movie! shit! how long i gotta wait? if i had cancer and got one of those last minute wish things, it would totally be to blaze a fatty with yalls!!!! totes hetero love ya

    • Ryozaki 42.42.564 says:

      Dude that’s awesome yeah they should totally put old folks home on it. They should also put hitler rap and the Dino rap on it it would be fucking EPIC

  8. Fabiana says:

    I don’t know why but you have to come to ARGENTINA!!

  9. Shammie says:

    when is it coming out!? :D

  10. Super Sandy says:

    Call it “But this album or ill kill grandma”

  11. Jamie says:

    That’s so cool! But are the songs gonna be from whitest kids or are they new ones? Or both?

  12. Octavius Doodleberry Funk says:

    You should call it captain funkystuff’s yogurt factory. Or electric octopus orgy. Also I am fat and stupid. That is all.

    • Octavius Doodleberry Funk says:

      Good idea you big dumb bastard

      • Octavius Doodleberry Funk with a moustache says:

        Oops I forgot to disguise myself in my reply to myself. Myself, I have never even heard of this funk character but I’m sure he is pretty similar to myself in ways I will not lower myself to describe(huge dong). I have kept to myself long enough and I shall now go out in the world all by myself to find myself. Myself myself myself.

  13. Zach M. says:

    Hey Trevor, any chance of WKUK or T.M merch going on sale?

  14. Jacob R. says:

    Hey hope you guys come to ohio soon you guys have fueled so many inside jokes for me and mah buds CWOD was a great ending but ending itself wasent hope to hear more of you and the crew!

  15. Charles Pereira says:

    Please don’t die as young as Christopher Hitchens. You could help lead us to freedom. Please don’t be a Spartacus. Don’t let us live out tragedies.

    “Tragedy is restful: and the reason is that hope, that foul, deceitful thing, has no part in it.”

  16. Tyler says:

    Make money Pope shirts?

  17. Realises dreams are taunts says:

    Can I buy the dvd’s here straight from you instead of having an awkward stoned conversation with a shopkeep? By the way I’m “forbidden” from the wkuk link… ma be an issue with the net or you do not wish me to procure your provisions. ..

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