Monday Questions!!!

Ok, so I said I was going to answer questions every Friday but ….it’s now Monday. So, I guess I’m going to do it every Monday from now on.

Thanks everyone for leaving your questions in the comments. I’ll answer a new round of them next Monday!!

Here are last weeks!

Q: Super Sandy : Ok, your stuck in a bathroom for 12 days with all the guys from WKUK…who do you think would get eatin first?

A: I would probably say Timmy. But Ellen D wanted me to not say Timmy because she thinks he gets picked on a lot. So Sam. But, Timmy.


Q: Jennifer Mahr: Will you send me a signed autograph or come to Minneapolis, MN to do some skits?

A: I would like to say yes to the autograph thing, but honestly I would probably forget. I still haven’t sent my sister her birthday present yet and her birthday is in January. It’s just sitting in my living room. As for the Minneapolis thing, we’re going to be doing a tour later in the fall and I would think that we’ll probably play there.


Q: Jason: Hey Trevor, just curious what kind of tv shows do you find funny these days? (edit) Also can u give us just one song title off the new cd?

A: Ummm … I like to watch ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”. I don’t want to give out a track name yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be releasing a preview track or two before the full album comes out.


Q: Karen : What’s your advice to dealing with those people in your life -who -while you care about them try and tell you stupid stuff like “People can die from marijuana” and try and talk you out of daily routines and stuff. Is it easier to put them in their place to make them realize how retarded they sound? Or pretend to keep agreeing with everything they say until they shut up??

A: I don’t think I’m the best person to be giving out life advice.  I’m pretty passive agressive person so I would probably just say “Uh huh .. ok” and then make fun of them behind their back.


Q: Felicia: So now that the Whitest Kids season 5 is over, is this the official end? Any plans for the future (besides live touring), or is everybody basically moving onto individual projects? How long do you plan on touring, and is it new material or from previous episodes? I know thats more than one question =]

A: Nah, we’ll still do stuff together as well as individual projects. We’re writing a WKUK movie right now and we’ve been talking about maybe putting out a new album (Besides the solo album that I’m putting out.) And our tour will probably be a mixture of old sketches from the show and new stuff.


Q: Name: How do you honestly feel about Miss March?
Also, the Boston Royal show was really awesome. Thanks for coming out.
Your sketches have really influenced me creativly and drug-wise. Turns out banana peels don’t work very well. Your show is also what got me through high school, so thanks.

A: I really liked parts of it. But other parts I thought could have worked better.  I wish we could have given it more time  but we were writing and editing it while also shooting seasons 2 and 3.


Q: Marissa: Hey Trevor, what are some of your favorite Disneyland rides??

A: Tower of Terror.


Q: Ellen: Just wondering whose idea it was to create a Hamlet combination with Othello and a vampire army in the Abe Lincoln gets Shot sketch?

A: Ha ha, no idea. It’s hard to remember the origins for a lot of the individual jokes in the sketches, especially the ones from way back in Season 1.


Q: Jay W: My question is, would you go to a Weird Al concert with me and my girlfriend? haha. We saw you on tour, and it was one of the best nights we ever had together.

A: Sure, let’s go. And thanks!


Q: Lalita: 1. Who was in the Sex Robot costume? 2. Will your coming out album have the songs from some sketches? Like Old Folks Home and such? 3. Have you ever heard of the rapper Immortal Technique? Well, he’s great. You should check him out.  !!

A:1.  It was Zach for some scenes and then it was a PA of ours.

2. The album will be all new songs. But there might be a bonus thing with some of my other songs. I’m not really sure yet.

3. I have and you’re right. He is great.


Q: Claire Gray: Did you ever voice a polar bear for a ron paul ad? Secondly, who’s your favorite president ever and why?

A: No, that’s not me in the Ron Paul ad.  And I don’t really have a favorite President.  They’re all bad men.


Q: Tina Guiliana: My question is: could Paul Nichols, the dude who died after having his face taken off, be the same dude who died while erotic asphyxiating himself in an alternate reality or something?

A: Um …. yes?


Q: Clara: Beer or wine?

A: Depends. I drink liquor mostly. But I guess I like wine more than beer. I dunno, it’s all good.


Q: Michelina: Do you come up with the backing tracks (beats and riffs) for your songs? Or do you bring the melodies/lyrics to someone who then comes up with them?

A: Yeah, I make a recording of myself humming the tunes and send them to the producers who work on the musical riffs and everything.


Q: Nataly: 1) Will you be doing any more whatever shows when you get back? 2) In the hot sister sketch, was the sister a girl or a guy? And who was it?? Okay that was three.

A: 1. I think so. I’m hoping to start them up again after I finish this album. 2. That was an actress named Bobbi Bentzel. She’s been in a bunch of our sketches!


Ok!! That’s all for this week! send in any questions you have for next week! And let me know if you have any input or ideas to improve this Q & A thing! Thanks guys!!

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39 Responses to Monday Questions!!!

  1. Pisces says:

    I’ve always thought that for a funny guy, you have a very dramatic face and voice. Lotta presence going on there. Could totally envision you in a badass villain role. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever want you to stop comedy, because you make me laugh more than anyone except my husband. Would you ever consider doing a dramatic character in something?

    (Wasn’t sure if this was where I should leave the next round of questions!) Thanks!

  2. Vito Gogola says:

    Hey Trevor!

    I’d just like to start with saying that you’re awesome! Me and my brother are two young Swedes doing comedy, music and movies – when not struggling at high school – and WKUK are one of our main inspirations. I just wondered if you have any advice for aspiring comedians such as ourselves? Know this is a tough one to answer, but is there something you remember when you yourself were a teenager trying to make it into comedy? Take care!

  3. Anthony LaPaglia says:

    Hey Trevor! Will the Whitest Kids U Know Movie have a full plot or will it be a bunch of sketches in 1 movie? Also could you tell us anything about the movie? Im so excited for it! Also your show at the Boston Royale was hilarious and awesome!

  4. Mary Kate Naughton says:

    Hi Trevor! I’m so excited about the wkuk movie! My first question is when do you think the movie will be finished and where will people be able to see it? My second question is a little random but im just curious. What kind of music do you like and what’s your favorite band? Thanks so much!!

  5. Danielle Young says:

    I fell in love with WKUK way back when yall ( I’m from Mississippi which explains why I have poor language skills) were on Fuse. After that, I followed the show on IFC, even recorded the shows on VHS tapes (yes VHS tapes as I live in Mississippi) to show to my friends. I wanted everyone I knew to see yalls show cuz I laughed my ass off at every episode, even the 15 minute ones. Anyway, just wondering if yall will ever come to the south, I would love to see yall live but all the shows are in huge cities I can’t get to. Also, have you personally ever been to the south? One last thing, I hate Jay Leno, but I do watch his show when you have a skit on there cuz they are HILARIOUS!

  6. Bella says:

    Hello Trevor how are you? Are you really 6′ 6″? From the Whitest kids cast who is your favorite playing girls? You all do it great so much fun. Can you share bloopers from the Whitest Kids U know please? Are you still friends with Zach? Did you know you have lots of fans in Mexico? Thanks, all my best wishes! You’re great! Take care. :)

  7. Ellen says:

    How rude and personal is it for me to ask you -while in NY, will you be spending more time in East or West Manhattan, and will your NYC fans get a chance to see you at all???

  8. E says:

    I’m with #1, clearly your agent sucks. Why is that?

  9. CK says:

    Please please please please please please please please PLEASE one time while you’re in NY can we hang out??

  10. Danielle says:

    Who out of all you all, Sam, Timmy, Darren, and Zach are most likely to take a punch for some random person just cuz you’re just that compassionate?lol

  11. Silver says:

    Basically you are the most brilliant and hottest comic genius and you’re humble as hell -you’re the perfect man. Seriously tell me why must you be married??:(
    I’m sorry I know that’s a weird as fuck question to ask someone I just had to.

  12. Christina says:

    Hey big fan! Love your stuff :D
    I just watched ‘New Years Eve’ and I was wondering I you played and extra in the movie? Either that or I was way too tired to be watching a movie that night!

  13. Jay W. says:

    I’ll remember what you said about the Al concert! Pick a date, we’ll be there.

    In the Cowboys sketch, does that actually have some truth to it? What I’m trying to say is, do you all kind of ignore Timmy? I don’t think that Dakota boy could be replaced. Do you still get a boner every time you watch Baked Beans?

  14. Laurel says:

    Hey Trevor! I love The Whitest Kids (saw you guys in Madison it was hilariously AMAZING!) and I’m also a major Monty Python fan, I was wondering what your favorite Python sketch is and do you have a favorite Python member? Oh and did you meet them when you did the Almost The Truth stuff? What was it like?!

  15. Dana says:

    Okay, so, A. Pleeeaseeee come to Minneapolis in the next year? Or Milwaukee. Us Midwest freaks need to laugh too. :)
    B. At yer shows, are there like tickets you can get to chill backstage with you guys? Oh my God, was that weird to ask..? Oh, care.
    C. Do you have a girlfriend?
    :) :)

  16. Claire says:

    Hey Trev I have a question. On wikipedia it lists your recurring characters and one of them is Hitler and it says there’s a sketch called Nazi Beach Party. Does that exist? I’ve scoured the internet to try to find it, but I can’t! Thank

  17. Clara says:

    Hey Trevor! Thanks again for doing the Q&A and hope you are able get to this question!lol. As an avid Lord of the Rings and Whitest Kids fan, I l.o.v.e. your sketch on Lord of the Rings but I have to ask, are you a fan of the trilogy as well? Did you read any of the books, and are you planning on seeing The Hobbit when it comes out?? Sorry to bombard you with these questions!lol I’ve just been wondering this since I saw the sketch haha

  18. Clara says:

    Trevor please do me the biggest favor -you said something in your other Q&A how your female characters tend to have names that start with C or something like Candace, could you do me the biggest favor and in the next sketch or movie you write can you name one of the girls Clara or even Clarissa?haha please??

  19. Maria H. says:

    In the episode, “Dad Wired Shut” when Sam says “Oh no who hit him?” after Darren says “Daddy was in a car accident…” what is your response that leads Darren -or ‘Helen’ to say “Daddy that’s racist!” lmfao was it something like “Some asian?” lol

  20. frankenfi says:

    What other areas are y’all talented in aside from what we see?

    I’d like to make a tour request if I may. Could y’all please come back to Nor. Cal in fall. To be more specific, to a city where none of Zachary’s friends are residents of (San Fran) so that he can spend time with fans.

  21. Yahn says:

    Hi Trevor! Since I am from Russia, I was always wondering, how you like our Evil Empire and will Whitest Kids ever make it here (or maybe Europe, which is more realistic) to do a show? Srsly, consider it an invitation!

  22. Emalee says:

    Hi Trevor!

    I’m trying to figure out where to ask a question for the q&a so hopefully I am in the right place, but anyways…

    1) I’ve always wanted to know if the squirrel in the hot box scene was real. Brilliant sketch by the way. Damn near pissed myself haha.

    2) Would you be interested in doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Not sure if you’re familiar with it though. It’s site where people from all over the world post ideas, pics, stories, etc. It’s pretty much the butthole of the Internet haha.

    3) Any plans for a west coast tour sometime in the near future? I’d love to come to one of your shows!

    4) You rock :)



  23. Maria says:

    Hi Trevor! Dogs or cats? You’ve mentioned something about having a cat but besides you’re own -if you had to choose which is your favorite?

  24. Lalita says:

    Will you come to Canada in your future tour, Trevor? I’d love to see you!!!

  25. E says:

    It is Monday. THIS IS WHY WE OCCUPY.

    • Bhoxz says:

      I have been reading GSC for about 2 years(maybe a bit lgeonr), I used to view only your photo posts. Now I subscribe via Google reader. RSS is one of my favorite inventions of this decade, it has really revolutionized the way I look at the web.

  26. Miguel says:

    Hi Trevor, big fan of your work!

    My question is, when do you think toothbrush moustaches (Hitler’s moustache) will come back into fashion? My father wasn’t even born when Hitler died yet today we can’t still grow one of those without getting looked at, you know? So, what’s your opinion. Btw, it really works on you.

    If you ever come to Spain let me know, my girlfriend will make you cookies. (or I could just tell you what you should visit)

    Have fun.

  27. Bill McCormack says:

    Long time fan here. Do you play xbox 360 online, and if so, what is your gamertag? I hope that you come to the Dallas, TX or Shreveport, LA area during your tour. I’ll bring you an awesome water pipe if you’d like! I own a headshop. ;)

  28. Miranda says:

    Trevor Trevorr trrevor pleadr canu get drunk eith you one day please?

  29. Trisha says:

    We would love to see you anywhere near Dallas! Any idea if there are plans for an adventure such as this? We want more Moore!!!

  30. Kurt says:

    Is there anyway I can get season one of The Whitest Kids U’ Know without the region code? oh, and you guys should do an Australian tour. ;)

  31. Griffin says:

    Hey! First off I just wanna say I love the WKUK! I’ve seen every sketch like a dozen times they never get old and i was soo sad when the show ended. but I wanna see one of your live shows if you ever come to the SF bay area! I also just wanted to say how cool it is that you have an awesome/funny/offensive show, but you guys are all really nice and chill dudes in interviews and you respect your fans, which is something you dont always see as much as you should. So thanks for just keepin it real and being really genuine people. so anyways to the questions: 1) Which/Do all 5 of the wkuk members smoke pot and drink or even do like other drugs? haha (im not a cop itd just be dope to light up with you guys haha) 2) I heard stuff about a WKUK movie and I know the civil war on drugs was like a movie, but I can’t get a straight answer online: will there be another wkuk movie thats not the civil war one?

  32. thegameguydude says:

    Bought you album at your show in Bloomington which was great, by the way.
    My favorite tracks off your album have to be “Founding Fathers Rap”, “Tom Hanks is an @$$hole” and “My Mom’s a B!+c#”
    I was wondering, why do you hate Tom Hanks?
    Are you the intern who made fun of Tom Hanks?
    If you are that makes “that” much better, but whether you are or not it’s still a hilarious song.

    • thegameguydude says:

      Oh yeah! Aboot those sketches that were never shown on TV. How can I see them again?! Are they on the DVD’s?

  33. Vicky pagola says:

    hey trevor, I’m vicky from argentina!! I just want to say that i love the withest kids you know.
    In fact, right now i’m watching it on my tv haha.
    Hope I ever see you,kinda imposible but someday,maybe it
    Can happen.
    I think you are really cute. I dreamed you were my boyfriend haha
    So stupid of me that you go out with me (im far away).
    Anyway,hope you read this, have a nice life!
    (sorry if I made any mistake writing,still finding hard to study english for my 18
    Ojalá te vea alguna ves! Bye!

  34. Bria Harris says:

    Hey Trevor, I was wondering what day of the year your going to ask me to marry you? I kno you wanted it to be a surprise, but I’m really curious. And also at the wedding I’m planning on serving cigarette juice… in Champaign glasses. Sweet huh?

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