Day #1 in studio

Hey everyone! Thanks for doing that Flying Q&A with me. That was fun. My laptop battery died halfway through the flight though. So, I’ll answer the rest of the questions tomorrow.

I’m going to try to answer whatever questions people leave on this site every Friday from now on.

But until then,┬áhere’s a picture of the studio I’m recording the album in!


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3 Responses to Day #1 in studio

  1. Clara says:

    Please legit tell me why you’re so amazing

  2. Michaelina says:

    Do you come up with the backing tracks (beats and riffs) for your songs? Or do you bring the melodies/lyrics to someone who then comes up with them? …or something completely different maybe?

  3. Nataly says:

    Hi Trevor! I have two questions.

    1) Will you be doing any more whatever shows when you get back?

    2) In the hot sister sketch, was the sister a girl or a guy? And who was it??
    Okay that was three.

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