Come to my Comedy Central Special!

Hey everyone! I’m shooting a 1 hour Comedy Central Special this October in NYC! I’m going to be performing brand new songs from my upcoming album and showing new sketches as well! If you’d like to get free tickets, CLICK HERE!

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4 Responses to Come to my Comedy Central Special!

  1. Laura Pope says:

    Hey man I just have one question: do you like Pink Floyd?

  2. Benjamin says:

    Hey, I’m a big fan of you and your work. Though, (I apologize, as I’m sure you’ve been asked this a lot) why hasn’t the WKUK been on since 2011? Were you guys sick of the show? Ran out of material? “Creative differences”? Heroin overdose(s)?

  3. IgnacioK says:

    Loved the show! MAGIC IS REAL!

    You have a release date for the album & special?

    • Zerin says:

      , let me turn it off without cnlisog my browser.What genius decided the Close button should actually redirect you to google analytics?Anytime I browse my website, the overlay shows up and I can’t get rid of it. Worse, it ruins the edit overlay bar in concrete5, so I can’t edit my website.Turn off.

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