Hey everyone! I just finished recording my 2nd album and I’m doing a few dates to perform it before I tape a TV Special in the spring! ALSO! Darren and Sam from WKUK will be coming with me!

If you live in Bloomington, IN or Kansas City – we’re going to be playing your town! Come out, listen to the news stuff – watch some sketches and say hi!

Bloomington, IN
MARCH 13 -15

Kansas City
MARCH 19 -22

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  1. colin says:

    please bring back the old group i miss the whitest kids you know, you guys were really really good together and it seems like all but you have pretty much dropped from the face of the earth. make a documentary about the wkuk like a “before and after” or “where are they now” kind of thing. please

  2. Kyle says:

    Come to Toronto! I’ve never gotten a chance to see your sketch comedy or stand up and I would love to.

  3. Brett myers says:

    Just tracked your website down. I wanted to reach out and say thank you personally to the WKYK. And especially you.
    Myself and daughter drove to Cleveland a yr.back or so. We were there to see your skit comedy. Which was awesome BTW.
    I digress- I can’t thank you enough for reaching out and going the extra mile to take time to personally meet us and talk awhile. You made us feel like VIP’s. You personally made me look like the coolest Dad. Wanted you to know you have lifelong fans and wish nothing but the best for your career. The business needs people like you that have talent and a edge.
    I only wish you all went into syndication so you could get paid for the talent you truly have and gave.
    Thank you again for going the extra mile when you didn’t have too. We had a historic time that evening and have a memory of a lifetime..yes it meant that much to us.

    Brett Myers-Indy Fan

  4. Died Nameless says:

    Hi Trevor,

    First of all, I would like to say that I really appreciate your comedy. I really think that you are one of the most underrated people out there. Some of your skits are simply genius. Since I’m sure you have better things to do than read a fan’s gushing message, I’ll move on.

    I sense that you are at a crossroads right now. I’m not a comedian by any means (albeit witty at the occasional gatherings, using similar “crude” yet oddly insightful humor) however I do have some thoughts that popped into my head regarding your next move. Again, let me reiterate that this is none of my business and I have no idea what I am talking about. However, sometimes random thoughts can spark other thoughts, and before you know it, a genius plan is born (this probably happened when you guys wrote skits).

    Before I get into that, I sense that there seems to be some force out there that is keeping you from getting there. I don’t know what your belief system is, or how the realm of reality functions, but it does seem odd, that you have bad luck. The Pope Rap was excellent, hilarious, educational, and well done, brilliant really, but it was published right during a transition where the actual pope doesn’t seem to be an asshole. Secondly, the Justin Bieber parody was uploaded during a similar “poor Bieber” we shouldn’t laugh at him, feel. Lastly, your movie wasn’t received very well. I did view it however, and found it very funny. You perhaps just weren’t able to express it the way you had fully intended.

    This may seem depressing or frustrating, but in your industry, I’m sure you know how frequent setbacks and annoyances are. I want to express this cliché encouragement, that I wish that you will continue strong. Trevor, you are a comedic genius. Some of your WKUK skits are the funniest I’ve ever seen, and I want you to be a huge success. I can see that you definitely have the talent for it, but the transition to solo “serious” comedian is something that I think you are going through.

    I saw the first standup comedy you performed regarding your Mexico trip. I thought it was good. I really think you have a knack for standup as well. You have the character faces, female impersonations (Candice voice), acting ability, and the ability to engage your audience even with “kinesthetic” humor (running around the stage like Kevin Hart). This talent list has all been portrayed excellently in your skits. I’m not sure if you are more reserved as “Trevor Moore” the person, than your characters that you portray, but I know that if you really “let loose” and came up with some crazy stories/lines you would be an absolute hit.

    I’m not sure if you are a bit more cautious as “Trevor Moore” since people will forever view you as what you portray (you won’t be able to hide behind a character). Thus, trying to find a less extreme version of “WKUK Trevor” may be the happy medium you are trying to find?

    In term of skill set, you have all that it takes. I know a lot of your skits had underlying messages such as “God Wants You To Wear A Hat”, “Keep Your Pee”(forgot the name), “Get A New Daddy” “Assassinate the President”. These skits/songs are used to portray the ridiculousness of societies beliefs and extremities. It uses shock/exaggeration to make a point. This is something that all the great comedians do. They make you think and put ideas together to educate. You have this ability.

    I know you have a ton of things that you stand for and could express (Countering NSA was genius). Here are a couple things that I thought could jumpstart some “rants”:

    Your OCD and its relation to religion. This is a big one. A lot of comedians have famous rants/bits because of their condescending questioning of religion (Louis CK, George Carlin, Jimmy Carter Pete Holmes). Especially George Carlin. It seems like his religious rants are the most famous on youtube, Louis CK too. Honestly, Louis CK’s other topics are pretty boring compared to his religious rants. You can tell he is passionate about it. I think there is a sort of harboring rage we have from being “duped”. Us Americans with our Judeo Chrstian 90′s Bush era background, probably all feel this as well.

    I know you came from a Christian background and it is even what caused your OCD, so you have a lot to share. If you feel bad (deep down, due to programming, I know, I come from the same background) I’m sure that you know that there may be a God, or there probably is, but he sure as hell is not even remotely close to what he is portrayed as. I think that you could really get people to relate to you, and help them release themselves from this sort of “mind control”. You don’t necessarily have to mock God or Jesus (which I notice you usually don’t do, but mock the interpretations, besides shouldn’t God be able to take a joke?), but you sure as hell can go after the institutions that gave you OCD. You have a lot of material for this I’m sure. People will find OCD and Christianity very interesting.

    Conspiracy Theories/closet truths (don’t go too deep into this, you already know this of course): I’m sure you lurk around the sites around the internet regarding some of this stuff. Of course, there seems to be a point of taboo that comedians will not go past regarding this sort of thing. I think that you understand that boundary. I believe that you can educate people by bringing up the more valid conspiracies and talking about the ridiculousness of our current society. The musings of Trevor Moore. Sarcasm is becoming in this sort of area. Founding Father on Drugs, Pope Rap, Justin Bieber parody, and NSA wire tap all portray ignored ideas of how our society functions.

    Some other random ideas: Reverse Racism (could get into trouble), being “white”, being tall (is it overrated or awesome), growing up stories (I’m sure you have a lot since you traveled), and I can’t really think of much, my brain is getting tapped out.

    So, hopefully if anything, this letter has been able to spark some ideas. I really do believe that you can do extremely well. Practice your bits a million times, and really use all of your energy and skill set and you will be the next big hit! Out of all of the WKUK members, I think you are the only one who can pull this off. I think it’s because you have charisma and are a likeable person.

    Perhaps your dream is not to be a huge, huge, comedian (subconscious block due to fear of super fame perhaps?), but if it is, please take care of yourself, ignore the haters, and at the end of the day, if it becomes too overwhelming….fake your death!! Hahaha. Your happiness and your wife’s happiness is all that really matters. But, if you can hack it, you really can be huge if you want, and the world needs another insightful comedian!

    - Nameless Supporter

    P.S. Don’t know if you’ve heard of Rob Bell, he’s an upcoming huge “pastor” that is totally different. Pete Holmes is a friend of his. You should go to his workshop if you can, he has insight that you could probably relate with. Especially since he had a nervous breakdown in a broom closet when his church grew to over 10,000. He then just up and quit being a pastor at a church. Now he does his own thing without constraints. Pretty interesting.

  5. Melanie Siudmak says:

    Hey Trevor,

    I discovered you guys less than two years ago and it couldn’t have been a more perfect time! Last year was very hard and devastating for me and my family. We had the worst luck from cancer, to school bullies, to suicide attempts and the list goes on and on! It was awful!!! It seemed that only you and the other whitest kids were the only ones that could cheer me up and make me laugh my hardest. You guys allowed me to stay strong and shine bright for my family and help them through the tough times we had.
    (After reading this back to myself, it sounds fake but I promise to God it is true!)
    It’s funny how I don’t even know you guys personally and yet you all helped me more than any of my closest friends even could. That means a hell of a lot to me!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you so, so, very, very much for making me laugh like crazy!
    I saw you guys a year ago and I’m kicking myself because I couldn’t bring myself to say “hi”. I don’t know why. Starstruck? I don’t know. But I hope and pray we can meet again someday. I WILL get a second chance to shake the hands of the 5 guys that pulled me through my most fragile breaking point. I know I will!! You’re my little Wonderwalls. :)
    Seriously, I know it sounds creepy but you’ll never know how much you all mean to me and how much I love you. Thank you for sharing all of your talents with the world! Hope to see you guys again!

    sincerely with all my love and admiration,

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  7. Heather says:

    I wish that you guys would come to Philadelphia or somewhere near it.

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