I made a NEW MUSIC VIDEO for my album “Drunk Texts to Myself”.
Some people got mad at it.

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16 Responses to NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

  1. Bill McCormack says:

    I dig the video, like the conspiracy theory angle the video had. Any idea on when you’ll be touring for the album?

  2. melanie siudmak says:

    Hey Trevor.
    I’ve been going through a very hard and devastating time. I’ve had to force myself to get through each day with very little sleep, appetite, or motivation to even leave my house.
    So, I’m alone and on my way into another long night when out of nowhere…I decided to watch your new video and listen to your CD!
    Oh! Good God!
    Trevor, I just want to say thank you for sharing your incredible talent. I greatly appreciate everything you do. You’re absolutely brilliant and I will forever be a huge fan of yours! Again, thank you SO MUCH for turning my tears of agonizing pain into tears of ridiculous laughter. Maybe I can FINALLY rest tonight thinking about mouthwash, presidents, bears, and stripping alter boys…Well, maybe not the stripping alter boys…That would just be…weird.
    With much love,

  3. Trevor Moore says:


    • Harris Naseem says:

      OMG NO WAY!!!!…….-_-…… :p lol !!!

    • Harris Naseem says:

      BTW, those girls are hot as hell in that video, the only reason I even saw that music video :P But you song on the Pope is EPIC!!!!

      • Chris O'rick says:

        Trevor I didn’t know you had your own site till today and I’ve been the biggest Whitest Kids fan in St. Louis since your show began on Fuse. Recently I’ve been writing a lot of sketch comedy. I was wondering if I could send you some ideas sometime and let me know what you think. Thanks either way and I’m siked for the new album sire I’m sure it’ll be ‘pretty good’

  4. seekachu says:

    Hey I’m a big fan of you and your CD, WKUK, everything. So I felt like doin a picture of me and you. Haha this is not creepy in any way…

    • jimi sommer says:

      i hope you are young as fuck cause that has got to be the dumbest thing ive ever seen…

      oh no… i just wanted to check that stupid website before i posted this so i could try and make sure you werent like actually really young and i was about to say that to you, but… of course youre 18… and extremely ugly… so sorry about this, but i no longer feel bad at all :)

      • Who says:

        Young? You need to work on your caps for one thing, and ‘youre’… you mean, you’re. Also, learn to use periods.

        And I like the drawing. She’s got real talent. So, you think she’s dumb because she has a little crush and can draw real well? No, I think it’s cute. You made yourself look awful right here. Then attacking her appearance? You’re the young one.

        Don’t like this? Here, have a teaspoon of cement, and harden the fuck up.

      • seekachu says:

        Ha!! Thank you so much you just made my day. I’m laughing my ass off. Sorry I just checked the comments for this. Thanks for replying. You have nothing better to do than trying to make people feel like shit, makes me feel kinda sorry for you. But I no longer feel badly at all. Have a nice day dear :)

  5. Autumn says:

    Hi Trevor! My boyfriend and I saw you guys recently and not going to lie, I hadn’t watched any WKUK beforehand, and didn’t really want to go, but I did because he was so excited you all were in town, so I did. I am so happy I went! We laughed all night. I only spoke with Zach and Darren, and everything was moving so quickly I didn’t get to say hi to you, Timmy, or Sam, but it was such a great show. Will you guys be coming back to Cleveland (the Grog shop) anytime this year or next year? Also I have a question about the “good-bye rationality period sketch” haha. The pigtails are one of the funniest parts, but the awkward faces wins it all. It looks like you have a fake retainer in or braces or something… did you put cotton balls in your cheeks for that hamster stuffed cheek effect?


  6. jimi sommer says:

    hey whats up buddy, ill be honest, ive only heard the 4 songs from the album that have music videos, but my god they are fuckin hilarious… im not sure what your plans are now, tour to promote the album or whatever, but if you do, try and come through rochester,ny… you have a big following out here and i can pretty much promise you it would be worth your time. either way though, congratz on the new album, and good luck with whatever you got lined up. and remember, if youre ever having a bad day, just think about how theres people like me who have a really good sense of humor and get to laugh at life, and that you have a really good sense of humor and get to laugh at life too except youre also pretty rich because of it…lol

    PS: i was just watching old wkuk clips, and whiskey diet is probably one of the most humorous skits youve ever done… im assuming you werent really drunk but then again who knows i guess…i like to think that you were at least pretty wasted during a few of the clips… now if that whole thing was for real, then that was the best thing ive ever seen ever.

  7. Barb Boob says:

    My name isn’t really Barb Boob but I’m afraid of the internet people so I use a clever pseudonym!!!! Anyway I was starting to think I was asexual, but then I watched WKUK and I was like, “what’s this feeling I have every time I see the tall guy??” And then I realized it was lust! I can still feel lust! Thank you!!!

  8. Connor says:

    Hey, Trevor. Wanted to say that I love your comedy, it’s pretty hilarious. Anyway, me and some friends started a comedy sketch group on YouTube called Terribly Awkward Comedy and I was wondering if you could give us tips on how to improve our stuff. Thanks. Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  9. Connor says:

    Sorry I’m asking 2 questions in different comments but I forgot to ask, as the main writer of WKUK, how do you feel about putting yourself in most of the sketches. Because when I’m writing sketches, I try not to do that because I don’t want to come across as self-centered or anything. Advice would be helpful. Thanks again!

  10. thomas murcko says:

    yo wanna chill dude

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