NEW MUSIC VIDEO online!! And my NEW ALBUM ‘Drunk Texts to Myself’ is for sale TODAY!

Hey guys! Comedy Central just released a NEW MUSIC VIDEO for my album which GOES ON SALE TODAY!!! I’m really excited that it’s finally out! I had a lot of fun recording it and I hope you guys like it!

It’s available on iTunes, in stores and on Amazon!






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5 Responses to NEW MUSIC VIDEO online!! And my NEW ALBUM ‘Drunk Texts to Myself’ is for sale TODAY!

  1. Gina (Tabitha) says:

    Just finished listening to the album, it’s amazing! :D

  2. Spike Snell says:

    Amazing album dude!

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  4. Bill says:

    Hey Trevor,

    Don’t you think it kind of defeats the purpose if you actuially purposefully build a revolutionary song – Time for Guillotines – And make it unavailable to find on youtube? Seems to me like that would be the one song you’d want to get spread around and listened to.

    I could understand if you just couldn’t deal with the responsibility of actually starting a trend with this kind of violent stuff though.

  5. I love how politically incorrect you are.. i’m a huge fan of WKUK, find you ridiculously attractive. will you be touring at all for your CD? i live in south florida and would most likely shit myself and start crying simultaneously if i saw you live. thanks for existing..? – clarissa carolina

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