OOOOOOOO..K!! Sorry it has taken me so long to get to these. I’ve been really busy finishing up the album this month (It’s done and I’m shooting music videos for the songs now!!).

But here you go, Here’s a new round of MONDAY QUESTIONS (that never actually come out on Mondays anymore.)! If you have more questions, just leave them in the comments section of this post and I’ll get to ‘em!

ALSO!! If anyone wants to come, I’m doing the first new WHATEVR SHOW of the year on the 26th of July at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Tickets are here:


Ok! Heeeeeree Weeeee Goooooo….


Q#1: Floyd Dehanne: Hi Trevor! Big fan also who wanted to know if there were ever a zombie apocalypse which of the other WKUK troupe members would you sacrifice first and why? Btw I love your music look forward to your album release

T.M: All of them. At the same time. Then I’d run away as they got eaten. And thanks!!!


Q#2:Tara R.: Hey Trevor! If you weren’t involved in acting what career would you want to be in?

T.M: Probably journalism. Or a fish boat captain.


Q#3: Clarissa: Question 1, Who is your favorite poet? Just saw your brilliant sketch Walt Whitman and I was wondering if you all did that cause he’s either your favorite poet or just to spoof PBS? 
Question 2, That sketch, Dr. Kyle COMPLETELY reminded me of House -did Hugh Laurie’s House inspire the sketch or is it just coincidence?
Question 3, do you honestly like having fans ask you for advice or are you kind of over it?
Question 4, if you’re not to over it I really could use your expertise haha
This guy I like does shrooms and I’ve always wanted to try them, tonight two of these girls I knew told me “Don’t do them” “you wouldn’t be able to handle it, you’re already paranoid.”. Is it just me or is that extreme insulting and they’re doubting my strength?

T.M: #1 Charles Bukowski is probably my favorite poet – although I’m not really a big poetry reader – so my knowledge of who’sout there is pretty limited. #2 No, we didn’t base that sketch off of House. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show. That’s funny that the characters lined up like that though. #3. I’m not over it! #4: I don’t know enough about you – but I do know that psycadelics can bring out whatever you’ve got going on inside. So if you are a paranoid person – you’re more likely to have a bad time. Be safe.


Q#4:Karen: Trevor PLEASE sometime while you’re in NYC can we get drunk together?
Which bars do you hang around midtown and what nights -if it’s not too presumptuous to ask??? It’d be a dream come true to hang out with or get drunk with you!!

T.M: I’m back in LA now. I was in NY for a month recording the album but now I’m shooting the music videos on the West Coast :( Maybe next time!


Q#5: frankenfi: I am a Future Teacher of America! This fall I am transfering to a university. I am super-stinkin’ excited to begin school but I am nervous too. If you ever felt fearful of a new campus, what did you do?

T.M: Whenever I switched to a new campus, I would just hang out in the lobby of the dorm until people came up and said hi to me. Then I’d go be friends with them. True story.


Q#6:Anthony LaPaglia: Hey Trevor! Huge fan of Whitest Kids U Know and I absolutely loved the movie Miss March. I own it on Blu ray and DVD, I showed the movie to my friends in school who love WKUK and they thought the movie was Hilarious! I just wanted to ask if you ever got offered to make a sequel to Miss March, would you want to do it? Also what do you think Tucker and Eugene’s lives are like now after the events of Miss March?

T.M: Thanks Anthony! I don’t think they’d offer us money to do a sequel but I’d probably do it and write it really crazy. Tucker probably died a couple weeks later and Eugene probably married Cindi, then she divorced him and he works at a motel.


Q#7:Nell says: I’ve been writing and recording my music for years and am currently in the process of trying to set up my own music page. However, I’m a little hesitant. The only thing holding me back from putting myself out there is that I’m afraid of what people might say about me. Believe me, I know that sounds really ridiculous considering rude comments pretty much go hand-in-hand with any type of performing.
So my question is, how do you deal with negative things that are said about you? As a performer I really respect, I wondered if maybe you could shed some light on this for me?
Thank you so much again, seriously. And I hope I’m able to attend a show this fall since I’m finally eighteen and able to get in!

T.M: I think the best way is to just really, really want to do/say what you’re doing/saying. If you care enough about what you’re making, then that should help you to shrug it off if people say mean things about it. I’m sure it will always stings a bit when people say mean things – but who cares about them? Just keep your head down and do what you want to do. And good luck!


Q#8:Kellie says: I know you’re best friends with Josh Fadem, and he just made a video called dinner for 2 that pretty much is the exact same thing as Timmy Talk show. Who’s the real mastermind behind this??????????


T.M: No idea!!!! But maybe if we play them side by side, the two Timmy’s and the two Josh’s are talking to each other.

Q#9:saba:Hey Trevor, I’m a huge fan…I love wkuk. I wanna know if or when your tour will bring you in or around Mississippi? I know we are a bunch of rednecks here but I also know many people that would love to see you. And one more question….if I ask nicely would u marry me? Lmao….

T.M: We want to play some more shows in the south this year. So hopefully we’ll get to Mississippi. And I’m already married – but ok, maybe.


Q#10:Heidi Hallas: Do you guy’s plan on keeping up the comedic career with WKUK in movies? I know you guy’s have done a few kinda think it would be neat to see you guys franchise into comedic wkuk movies. Kinda like how Monty Python did comedy skits and branched off into movies. I will most definitely keep an eye out for tour dates in LA. Thanks for your time I know your a busy dude.. but well appreciated.

T.M: Yeah, we’re working on a new WKUK movie right now. We’re hoping to have the script done by the end of the summer and then we’d like to shoot it as soon as possible. And we’ll be doing more and more shows as WKUK in the coming months.


Q#11:Kurt says: Hi Trevor!
Do you get annoyed by people asking you for advice/hitting on you/whatever else they do on the internet?

T.M: No, it’s chill.


Q#12:Zack says: Hey Trevor! I’ve found out that your into conspiracies and stuff like that. Well my question is what are your takes on aliens. And also what is your favorite UFO story? Lastly Id like to thank you for all the laughs you and the whitest kids have given me and I hope to see you on tour in boston sometime soon. Thanks.

T.M: I actually don’t pay too much attention to the UFO conspiracy theories. But I do think that “aliens” are probably more likely intra-dimensional beings than intergalactic.



Q#13:Stephanie says: Hey, just wondering about the album. Is it gonna be comedy or serious music stuff? Maybe both?
I took 4 buses to Boston for the Royale show a while back. Loved it. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi to you again. Hope you guys get to do another NYC show!

T.M: It’s going to be all comedy songs. Like the songs I used to do on the Whitest Kids show -just a whole album of new ones.


Q#14:Andrew says: Hi Trevor! I want to say thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me! Legend.
Will the DC area be one of your stops on your next tour??
What is the largest animal you bet you can outrun?

T.M: Yes, we’ll definitely do D.C again soon. And probably a Blue Whale.


Q#15:Tim says: Hi Trevor! first i would like to say i’m a huge fan and i hope that the tour comes to Pittsburgh Pa so i can c u preform. I have 3 questions if u don’t mind 1.Are you going to do another movie because miss march was hilarious and a really good movie and people who don’t think so apparently don’t have a sense of humor or a funny bone in there body!. 2.Is your cd going to be released in stores? 3. i myself want to do sketch comedy i write my own songs some parodys so do you have any advice? sorry i wrote so much

T.M: Thanks Tim! We’re trying to work on a WKUK movie right now. And yeah, the CD will be in stores. That’s awesome that you’re writing songs too. Just have fun with it. Write whatever makes you laugh the most. And hopefully there’ll be people out there with your sense of humor too!


Q#16:Mary Kate says: Hey trevor! I love wkuk so much and you guys are all so talented, you inspire me to make others laugh! So my question is who is your favorite comedian? Also i’m just curious, are you good at math? Thanks and i hope whitest kids come to chicago soon!

T.M: I have a lot of favorite comedians. Python, Bill Hicks, Steve Coogan, etc.. I’m pretty ok at math. Not great at algebra. After fractions, I was kind of like, I don’t think I’m going to need this and I kind of checked out.


Q#17:E says: How does OCD manifest in your life, other than annoyingly? Specifically.

T.M: Mostly just stupid little routines or sayings I’ll have to perform before I do things/leave rooms, etc. But over the years the routines/sayings get longer and longer and more elaborate and time consuming. So I’m trying to will myself to quit all of it alltogether, but it’s kinda tough.


Q#18:Bella : I’ve been listening to the commentary of the WKUK DVD’s and I have some questions: A) What’s up with the clocks at 4:20? B) Why did you kiss Zach. For what sketch was it. He just played along and afterwards got angry at you. What’s the full story? C) Do you practice any religion seriously like deep inside do you believe in God? D) Do you really have a cat? Love you. I really miss you and I would love to see you every day. Thank you so much and for sharing and staying in touch it means a lot to us it makes us suffer a little less the absence of new episodes. Your generosity will pay off. Have an excellent week. You’re great! xo

T.M: A) We just started putting all the clocks at 420 because its number associated with marijuana and we’re immature. B) That story’s not really true. We were making it up. C) I don’t really adhere too strictly to any organized religion. But I think that there’s probably a God.  D) And I really do have a cat. Her name is Beatrix! Thanks Bella!!


Q#19:E. Recksins says: When are you guys planning on releasing the DVDs for season 4 & 5 as well as the cd with the song ‘old folks home’? I have been trying to buy them online but cant find them anywhere. Also what do u prefer, Xbox or ps3? ……. Halo of cod? Oh and who came up with the sketch for ‘weird’? That was hilarious!

T.M: Not sure when/if the season 4 and 5 DVD’s will come out. That’s more of IFC’s department. And I prefer Xbox and I used to prefer Call of Duty. But I haven’t liked the last two that much, so now I probably prefer Halo.


Q#20:L.Anderl says:Hi Trevor!
Iam from germany and one of your one of your and the wkuk biggest fans here! do you think you and the other wkuk will perform here someday? maybe at some english comedy night.

T.M: No plans to tour out of the country at the moment, but I think that would be fun!


Q#21:Brendon Booton says: Hey Trevor! I love your show! I was wondering when do you think that the WKUK movie will come out to theaters or when is a trailer? Also have you watched Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, I think it’s great! I want you to be in one of my videos for youtube, that would be awesome, but i’m all the way in Iowa. but yeah, your awesome man!

T.M: We’re still writing the movie right now. We’re hoping to have the script done in the next month. So it’ll still be a bit before the trailer comes out. I haven’t seen Tim & Eric’s movie yet, but I’ve heard good things. I want to see it.


Q#22:Clara says:Trevor! Just had to let you know, seeing you all at the Va State Theater was one of the best nights of my life – my dad surprised me with tickets cause he’s a huge fan too!You all were amazing and just hope you all had as much fun as we did?
Just wondering -you all played Justin Bieber’s Baby -are you all fans of him? Not to be rude but I can’t stand him… I just find him overrated.

T.M: Thanks Clara! We had a lot of fun at that show! No, we don’t really listen to a lot of Justin Bieber. I did see his documentary though and thought it was really weird/fascinating.


Q#23:Madelene (and Hannah. Sigh.) says: Hey Trevor. My friend and I are huge fans, so we have two questions:
1-Can you lower the age limit for your shows? We are not yet 18. Also, wanna hit up Hartford, CT? It’s boring, but…well, that’s a reason to come. I guess.
2-When Timmy shits himself (or poops his pants, whichever you prefer) in the conference room, what was the turd made out of? Pudding and oatmeal, perhaps?

T.M: 1. Some of our show’s are all ages, some aren’t – it kind of depends on the club and whether they sere alcohol. 2. And the turd was made out of a melted Snickers bar with Hershey’s syrup poured over it.


Q#24:Gus says: hey trevor, two questions. 1 where were you on the second season of breaking in? 2 do you guys plan on doing a live show in Mexico?

T.M: They cut some characters and brought in some new ones. Mine got cut. So I was chilling at my house with Beatrix, my cat during Season 2. No plans to do a show in Mexico yet, but maybe!


Q#25:Andrea says: A friend just posted your Finger Ring sketch in reply to an 80′s cartoon discussion, and it reminded me poignantly of many of our ridiculous toys when we were children, specifically a Thundercats Eye of Omens ring with a sekrit compartment I loved as a 5 year old. And the cinnamon scent as a “feature” was absurdly true of those plastic collectibles. You often lampoon the childhood sense of wonder that is both stupidly zany and cynically manipulated by marketing, but there is a sense of sweetness and whimsy in your sketches. Do you ever feel like something is sacrosanct, and pull back or alter sketches, or is a sign that you need to go farther, and parody it more? Would you trade your childhood for one less affected by marketing, toys, and television? Do you plan on having children of your own? Will you permit them exposure to the same forces?

T.M: I can’t really think of a specific case where we’ve held back on something – but I know we have. We’ll often discuss amongst ourselves whether asketch is too messed up to put in the show. And yes I think that marketing/television has a more negative than positive effect on kids. The problem is that it’s so ubiquitous that if you try to remove a kid from it’s influence, they’ll have a harder time making friends and they’ll be considered weird (like homeschoolers). I think the best thing you can do is teach kids to recognize that they’re constantly being sold to and to take everything on tv with a grain of salt.


Q#26:Alexis says: Hey!!!!! I my brother Curtis showed me your show wkuk and I love it soo much my favorite skit is the space potatoes! my brothers. Has helped me solo much this past year and I wanted to do something for him? During one of your new skits can you please name one of your characters Curtis!?!?! I would love that!

T.M: Not sure when we’ll be doing new skits. But I could just say ‘Hi’ to him right now! Hi Curtis!


Q#27: Luke says: Hey, Trevor. Huge fan of WKUK. I only heard about you guys about 2 years, but I’ve been hooked since day one. Anyway, if you’re ever near Cleveland, I’ll be sure to make it to a show. Anyway, a few questions:
1) Coke or Pepsi?
2) Do you write the majority or even all of the WKUK songs? You seem to be the most musically adept in the group, but then again that may just be because you’re the only one who does stuff on camera.
3) If you are the main music writer/player of the group, how did you get so good at comedic music? I’ve played drums seriously for about 2 years, and guitar for about a year and a half. I’m decent at performing music, and I’m (from what it seems) a pretty funny guy. But when I try to mix the two, it just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I’m trying too hard (let’s face it, people who TRY too hard to be funny are usually annoying), but all I know is that it’s not working for me.
4) What’s the craziest experience of your life? Whether it’s most dangerous, most exciting, scariest, etc.
Anyway, thanks if you answer, and keep being awesome.

T.M: Hey Luke! 1) Coke 2) Yeah, I usually write the songs on the show (besides the ‘Boner Song’ which everyone wrote and ‘Hippo in the City’ which was Darren’s idea) 3) I don’t play the instruments on the songs. I can play guitar a little (chords) but we have actual studio musicians play when we’re recording the tracks. 4) I’m not sure … I’ve jumped out a window when cops were raiding a party in college. That was kind of fun.


Q#28 :Frank Tutankhamun says: Hey Trevor,
Was wondering since WKUK started in front of an audience and was a regular live performance, was there ever any consideration of doing the televised show that way (not necessarily aired live but taped live) when you were developing it for fuse? Any thoughts on audience laughter in sketch/comedy tv shows?
And as a Python fan I was surprised to find that Cleese never altered his performance during takes, did you guys experiment with each take, or always follow the script, or if it was funny once, stick to it or editor’s choice? 
Got to see you in Philly the night Whitney Houston died, bar the epic, soul shattering sadness of the announcement, twas a great show. Best of luck on the up-coming projects.

T.M: Thanks Steve! No, we never really thought about it being in front of an audience. We knew that we wanted to do more edited, film-like sketches than single scene sketches (that play better for an audience.) We also never really had that much time to change takes up that much. We’d shoot up to 17 pages a day so we had to just get it and move.


Q#29:Clara says: Trevor, again love you huge fan! In the sketch Sick Employee ( ), did you actually throw up?? I know you guys do a lot of method acting so I was wondering if here if you were actually throwing up or if you put some kind of fake vomit or something in your mouth?? It looked authentic and was kinda curious huh

T.M: Haha! No, that’s just some sort of salsa/ soup mixture our prop department made.


Q#30:Kelly says: Trevor!! Please say you’re still in NYC??Otherwise if you already left I’m gonna be miserable I never got a chance to see/meet you:((((

T.M: I did leave. I’m sorry :( I finished the album recording and am back on the west coast. But we’ll be back in NY this fall to do some WKUK shows.


Q#31:Miguel says: Hey Trevor, do you know the comic strip “cyanide & happiness”? I think you have a very similar sense of humor. Also, I read somewhere you used to do a comic strip at school, have you ever considered going back to that? 
Btw, since you’re a native english speaker, do you do comic strips or do you make them?
Thanks in advance and please come to Europe with the troupe.

T.M: I’ve seen the strip a couple times and I think it’s great! I’ve never really considered going back to comics but who knows, maybe some time. I did comic strips for a couple newspapers from the age of 16 – 26 and enjoyed it a lot but I quit once I started getting too busy with the show.


Q#32:Karen says:Trevor, i value your opinion more than anyone’s so I need your serious advice. I like this guy. We’ve hooked up a few times but it’s been after he’s downed some alcohol or something. He says he cares about me but he doesn’t want a girlfriend because his other girlfriend “hurt him so badly.”. Now I feel like he’s doing the same with me and toying my emotions. I’m not trying to be obsessed but the other night out of no control I sent him this message: 
“can I just ask why.. Why did you say anything about making plans, hanging or anything when you never intended to even associate with me after the party.. How much do you hate me to fuck with me like that?You know i consider you a friend.. and all you did was toy with it and you never had any intention of doing anything with me.
I’m sorry about bothering you but I needed to get that out and I’m kinda curious why you would do that.. You seemed better than that”
How over dramatic was that message because according to Facebook he’s “seen” it but won’t respond?? Am I insane? I know I’m hype to get his attention but I guess I’m trying to force my way to be more than his hook up girl. Do you think I officially creeped him out and that’s why he won’t respond?
Againsorry to impose but wanted to seek the Trevor Moore’s council on my fucked up love life.
Love you by the way!! And was wondering if any of you, Zach, Timmy, Sam or Darren actually play the Didgereedo -sorry for massacring that spelling!

T.M: Well, seeing as it took me so long to get to these responses, I’m sure your problem has worked it’s way out one way or the other by now. But I’d say just move on. You’re obviously putting more work into your relationship than he is – and that’s never going to be fufilling for you. So who cares if you creeped him out or not. Creep him out more. Send him really messed up anonymous texts and leave chicken parts in his mailbox. And none of us play the digiridoo (sp?)


Q#33:Lauren says: Trevor!! Saw you guys at the Virginia State Theater this past Febraury and you all were ridiculously amazing of course but I have to ask, if you remember, about an hour or two before your performance, when I parked the car in the little lot, I thought I saw you and maybe Sam walk by in the parking lot? Then as I sat down in a cafe like a block from the theater I thought I saw Zach walk by the window. It’s bugged me since February abd will bug me forever -do you remember if that was you guys?? Walking around outside the Va state theater like near the restaurants/cafes? Like before your performance then or were you inside the theater an hour or two prior to your show?? I need to know if that was you guys!!lol

T.M: Yup, that was probably us. We usually walk around the town getting food or whatever right up to the shows.


Q#34:Miguel says: Btw, did you know that John Cleese considers your name to be funny? (Kevin, Trevor and Brian are his three choices of funny names in an interview, names that are just funny) I saw this in an old recording and thought “hey, wasn’t John Cleese one of Trevor’s idols? does he know about this? let’s ask him!” Minute 4:45

T.M: Hahaha! I did not know that! That’s awesome! Thanks for pointing it out.


Q#35:Marissa says:Hey Trevor,
I was wondering who you would consider to be your top ten favorite bands?
My top ten consists of Breaking Benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Alice in Chains,
David Bowie, The Who, Rush, Disturbed, Led Zeppelin, and my absolute favorite band, Nirvana. The reason I’m listing my own favorites is cause I’m also wondering, even if they don’t happen to fall into your top ten, if you happen to like any of the bands I like?

T.M: Mine change all the time. But I’ll just grab 10 that I like alot right now: The Who, WAR, Warren Zevon, Alice in Chains, Parliment Funkadelic, Tool, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Wu-Tang and Jimi Hendrix


Q#36:Lauren G:) says: Hey Trevor! If you don’t mind my asking, does it ever bother you in all honesty having so many female fans think you’re sexy -(including me :p) and sometimes flirt with you? Are you flattered or do you wish they’d lay off?


T.M: I don’t think ‘bother’ is the right word. But it makes me feel awkward sometimes. I like to try and write back to everyone who writes me, if I can. But I don’t really feel it’s appropriate for me to respond to those. And then I feel bad for ignoring those posts.

Q#37:Clara says: Trevor, this is a retardedly random question, but what is your favorite chick flick? And what do you think of -if you’ve ever seen -A Walk to Remember??
Also, another random, from one Aries to another, do you believe in astrology at all? Not the newspaper horoscope predictions, but like the information on signs personality traits and compatibility?

T.M: I really like the ‘Step Up’ movies. Darren was staying at my place for a month this spring and we rented one as a joke. Then we got obsessed with them and rented all of the other ones. On the second day we came into the video store, the guy who worked there said “So are you guys like in a dance troupe or something?” And we were like “I didn’t even know those really existed!”


Q#38:Toby says: Hey Trevor, first of all: I love WKUK and you have all provided me with countless laughs. My questions are:
1.) should I expect the WKUK movie to be released in 2013 or 2014?
2.) will you be doing anything else with Sam, Timmy, Zach, and Darren after the movie?
3.) when you tour next could you PLEASE come to Columbus? I’d love to see you guys all live!

T.M: 1) Hopefully it will be 2013 – but it could be 2014. 2) We plan to all continue doing stuff together. 3) We did a show in Columbus this spring! But we’ll probably come back (if not this fall, next spring.)


Q#39:Allison says: Hey Trevor! I was wondering, are there any characters from your sketches that were extra fun to play, or if there were any characters that you didn’t play but wish you could have? And what sketch did you guys have the most fun filming? 
Also, you should totally come to Pittsburgh on your tour. That’d be tight, and it would kind of make my life. No pressure or anything.
Oh, also, I think it’s really funny when people ask you for advice on their personal problems xD

T.M: I liked playing my business man character a lot. I always had fun being that guy. And the Devil in “Opus” was fun too. There’s a bunch of them that were fun. I also liked playing the old lady teacher in the “Teacher’s Union” sketch and the old man in the town hall scene of Civil War on Drugs. We usually play in Philadelphia when we tour, but we should hit Pittsburgh once to switch things up!


Q#40:Paul Edward Cuminale says: Hey, i just wanted to let you know that I saw Miss March in theatres and I loved it from the moment I saw it. I have too questions, were you bummed out about how the movie did in it’s run? And I’ve read that you refrain from swearing due to your OCD, which was interesting to me because in Miss March you say “cock” but you’ve never said the F word. I think that’s really interesting and I’d like to know more about how the word cock doesn’t bother you but the F word does. If you wouldn’t mind. Thanks. – Paul.

T.M: I was bummed out a little that people didn’t seem to like it at first. But then we had to go and write season 4 so I couldn’t really dwell on it too much. And yeah, there’s not really a whole lot of rhyme or reason to my OCD about words.


Q#41:Danzilla says: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

T.M: The cast of ‘Step Up’.


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114 Responses to NEW QUESTIONS ROUND 4!

  1. alexdolf says:

    hi dude my name is alexdolf i’m from venezuela. you have a lots of fans here everybody like your tv show (wkuk) can you and the others guys come here to my country because everybody here want a live show :)

  2. Kenny says:

    Hey Trevor! What is your favorite WKUK to watch?

  3. Anthony LaPaglia says:

    Hey Trevor! When do you think your new album will be released in stores? Im planning on buying it the day it comes out! Also random question but do you enjoy the Harold & Kumar movies, like Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, and A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas ??

  4. Luke B says:

    Trevor how do you get those kids to point and laugh at timmy when his mom died in the classroom skit?

  5. Austin Reynolds says:

    Hey Trevor. I know that you are in LA lot and on your WKUK tour you went all around Southern California, but I am from Sacramento and I know we would really appreciate it if you did some shows here or anything. Also I can’t wait for the new album!!

  6. Jonathan says:

    A few questions: 1) How often do you get noticed while walking around in public? Any of the other WKUK get noticed very often either? 2) Is it a hard switch to do more family-friendly humor on the Leno show than you’ve typically done on WKUK? 3) Have you (or any of the other WKUK) ever tried stand-up comedy? If so, any video of it available on the internet? =D and 4) How can you tell something you write is going to be funny? I feel like it’s a lot harder to tell when you’re writing by yourself, because you usually don’t laugh at your own jokes. Is it easier writing with a team, or is most of your writing done solo?
    Huge fan, by the way, I think Whitest Kids U’Know was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen on TV. I wish you guys all success long into your lives.

  7. Tina says:

    Hi Trevor! So, I was wondering if you and the other WKUK really smoke as much weed as you seem to.
    Also, do you like A Clockwork Orange? (movie or book)

  8. Mmmegan says:

    Howdy ho potatoe. So I was just thinkin, I heard when you guys were in florida a few months ago you guys came out to orlando..i think¿..buuut I was wondering if you guys ever come back to florida, would you maybe consider doing a show in lakeland?¿ Its really fun here (no its not) but really. Id gather up the gang and we’d be there. For realzies. And also I juuust had my 21st birthday and my brother got me yalls first 3 seasons, which are hilarious, and miss march, which I had just seen for the first time…but I was wondering if you guys kinda target your stuff towards men? Just kinda seems it. But I love you guys! Since like day one. Ok. Im done.

  9. oliver says:

    Hey dude, love your work! would you ever consider coming to australia to tour? would love to see your show but i cant leave the country because im surrounded by kangaroos and crocodiles who i owe drug money to…

  10. JJ says:

    is the Whatever show an only live thing? if not, where can i watch the 1st season? also, some friends and i just bought tickets to the show on the 26th! i bet you won’t answer this until after then

  11. Rob Kane says:

    I just have a simple question, how do you get your hair like that? I love it <3 (not gay by the way)

  12. E says:

    No question, just laughing at the disclaimer. ^

  13. Kevin C says:

    First off, just wanna say thank you for being one of the most accessible public figures. On the few occasions that I’ve sent you a message, you replied more than half of the time. And they’ve always made my night so I sincerely appreciate them. With that being said, I finally thought of something witty to ask you.

    I’m not entirely sure how OCD works. I’ve read up on it… but that doesn’t do much without experiencing it firsthand for me. I’ve always liked anagrams though. Never put too much stock into their symbolism, but they’re just fun to me. Have you ever done an anagram of your name? Cause I just looked it up and there are some pretty hilarious ones.

    Remove Or Rot is probably my favorite though. Sounds like instructions on the side of a trash can at the morgue.

  14. Kevin C says:

    ^ I meant to make some kind of connection between OCD and anagrams in my last post. Just slipped my mind. Oh well, you’re a smart guy. I’m sure you figured it out.

  15. Peaches says:

    There is absolutly no rhyme or reason to these questions, but here we go:
    1.How do you feel about Howard Stern? (My mom used to listen to him when she brought me to school. Elementary school.)
    2.Who came up with the island sketch where Timmy and Darren make out? (please say Darren.)
    3.In the Super Whiskey Me sketch, are you actually drinking whiskey?
    4.I’m 17 and working a desk job. I’ve been doing it for two weeks and already feel like a souless office drone. What do I do?

  16. Amanda B says:

    Dude…Wondering…Can you pretty please post the “Tears in Heaven” opening video from the latest WKUK tour on youtube or here or WHEREVER??? That shit was so funny I still randomly laugh at it out of nowhere. (Also the “banned sketches” if ya’ll have em.) Fond memories. :)

  17. Katie Bowles says:

    Okay, you make some of the funniest stuff that I’ve even seen. So, first of all, thank you for the laughs! Also, I couldn’t help notice that you’re from Charlottesville, Virginia! I live there! Are you planning on coming back to C’Ville on tour, or possibly just for some Bodo’s Bagels? :D It’s a pretty chill place to grow up, and I just think it’s pretty cool that you’re from here.

  18. Krystal says:

    What sort of snack foods can I eat to get a ‘ghetto-booty?’

    Kidding. I think It’s very admirable (and uncommon) that you keep so well connected with your fan-base. So… Thanks for being cool, I guess? Does it get overwhelming responding to so many people, or do you enjoy that you’ve always got a time-killer during down-time?

    I’m an aspiring comedian, (I hate saying that…) and WKUK has been a wealth of inspiration for me, in the sense that the five of you always look so at ease and comfortable. Is performing something that comes naturally to you or is nervousness something you’ve had to work through?

    I’ve been struggling, trying to decide whether I want to focus on stand-up comedy or sketches. Is there anything that made you guys decide to take the format you did with WKUK or is it something that fell into place?

    Looking forward to the new album, and whenever you guys get back around to Seattle!

    (I’ve got some minor OCD issues and recently read “The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin. It kind of dilutes the issue, but it’s a quick read with a happy ending, and it did help a little. I don’t know why I felt the need to pass that along to you, but there you go…)

  19. Mick says:

    What’s your favorite video game of all time? Huge fan of your comedy and your music, you are by far one of the funniest comedians that have ever lived….. How do you stay so humble? Your a great guy for answering questions from your fans btw, what do you do when your family gives grief about what you do (if they do)? What do you tell them if they jump on your case or disapprove? Just curious cuz I’m going through it.

  20. Kelly says:

    Who is the shyest out of you, Timmy, Zach, Darren, and Sam??

    I feel Like Zach seems like it but obviously you would know before me lol

  21. Kelly says:

    If you had to live in either NY or LA for the rest of your life, and wweren’t allowed to ever visit the other city again, which place would you pick to stay??
    Also what’s one thing you wish you could change about each of those cities?

  22. Marissa says:

    Hey there, Trevor. I saw that you’re a fan of Tool and I’m curious as to what your favorite song (or songs, if you’d prefer) is/are.

    We only get to see your writing ability from a comedic angle – are you interested in writing in any other departments? In conjunction with that, what are some of your favorite books?

    Can’t wait to see you guys again in Boston some time next year!

  23. Abby M. says:

    Hi, Trevor! The Whitest Kids has been such an inspiration for me, and I was wondering which comedians/television shows/or movies inspired you?
    Hope I get to see you live one day!

  24. Crystal says:

    Hey Trevor! I absolutely ADORE your sense of humor! You’re amazing and I can’t wait for your upcoming projects :D As the total geek that I am, I must ask: which do you prefer, star wars or the lord of the rings? Also, do you have an all-time favorite movie?

  25. Mmmegan says:

    Lol hey name your dog mcdonald

  26. Charlie says:

    Hi Trevor my names Charlie I’m a photography/film student, I’ve been thinking about going to SVA. What was it like for you? I was also wondering if you guys would be coming to Colorado anytime soon? You guys have been a huge inspiration to my development. Thanks!

  27. Isabel says:

    Hello Trevor! I think that the WKUK reflect human complexity in a very insightful way through a wonderful sense of humor. I’m absolutely in love with The Pony Express can you please tell me how did you come up with such a genius idea to adapt it like that? You guys look incredible. If you have pictures and behind the scenes footage of the Civil War on Drugs please share them. Other than College where else have you taken acting lessons? You are such a great actor! Also you have a great voice and singing style. Have you taken professional singing lessons, where did you learn to sing? What special things you did to take care of your voice while recording the album? Thank you! You’re so AMAZING! :D

  28. Jenny K. says:

    Hey T,

    I know you mos def get this a lot, but I’m a fan lol. Haven’t seen everything you’ve done, but the stuff I have still makes me laugh whenever I think of ‘em. Like the classroom skit where you played Scotty and it turned out to be your mom who died. The end of that was priceless, plus you looked so adorkable wearing glasses :P The homeschool one was dope too. So was It’s Saturday and Father’s Day! Civil War on Drugs, Space Potatoes, and Opposite day. Lmao! Those are just a few I can think of right now, but there’s so many more that were really fun, so thanks for the laughs. Not only was I fully entertained, but it’s really nice to know that there’s still people out there with a good sense of humor :D

    So besides being a fan of WKUK, I’m a SVA student majoring in motion graphics, intern at an advertising agency, and aspiring actor/model. I’ve even finally started improv at the UCB theatre in NYC- Something that I’ve always wanted to do especially having theatre friends telling me to go for it! And I’ve got to say, soo much fun!

    Anyways, I don’t ever do this, you know, writing to people from youtube/TV.. But I came across this and was just wondering a few things, so here it goes: 1. Went to ComicCon on the west coast this year, (to switch it up since I’ve gone for the past couple of years in NYC) and that’s when I heard you were doing a Whatever show over there but by then I’ll be back on the east coast.. Just wanted to know if you were going to do the show in NYC soon? It’ll be so awesome to see you live! 2. I feel like there aren’t many movies out nowadays worth seeing, I mean I haven’t even seen the Avengers yet.. However, I did just go see Savages, which was sick. The Titan movies and Harold & Kumar’s 3D Christmas were memorable, so was the Hunger Games (my lil sis is a huge fan of the books). What I can’t wait for is the Dark Knight Rises! SO stoked, who doesn’t love Batman?? Anyways, what movies have you seen this year that you think are noteworthy and what movies are you looking forward to? If not movies, what TV shows are you currently into? For me, don’t watch a lot of TV either but I’d say Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead (love the comic), and always been a fan of South Park. Finally 3. Since I’m pretty sure you’re a fellow toker, if you had some of the dankest ganja ever and the chance to light up with anyone, (famous or not/dead or alive) who would it be? Why & What would you talk about?

    Totally random note: A while back, I was with a few friends on St. Mark’s when we saw you guys shooting at BAMN!, that cool Japanese vending machine place (which is now I think a mini-market :/) Being from NYC, it was pretty chill to see you guys hanging out at the same places I’ve been.

    Wow, didn’t mean for this to be so long so lemme just end this by saying thanks for taking the time to read this, keep on doing what you do best.. Being yourself! Excited for your new upcoming projects, can’t wait and I look forward to your feedback :}

    Stay Green & Fun(ny)

  29. Abby says:

    Hey, Trevor! I was just wondering if you were ever embarrassed for family members/friends to see anything outrageous or raunchy that you’d done on the Whitest Kids.

  30. Kelly says:

    From an aries to another, are you into/do you follow astrology at all?

  31. Kelsey says:

    Soooo, I’m already done with season 5 of WKUK and I can’t wait to hear more about the movie and to see it.
    Would you and the WKUK boys ever do live shows in Austin, tx?
    Do you like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  32. J says:

    I have some boring technical questions. Before your Fuse and IFC shows, when your troupe was just performing on stage, how long did it take you on average to write a 5-minute sketch? What was your writing process like, as in, when you had your laptop out to write, did you typically write by yourself or with the other troupe members? Who, if anyone, had a final say on sketches? Thanks!

  33. Melanie says:

    Sorry to be *that* fan, but I need your advice. I trust you to give me good advice for this messed up scenario I kinda got myself into.
    Last night, my coworker celebrated her birthday at this bar, I went and celebrated. And one of the managers, AP I am unfortunately developing an attraction to (managers and employees are not allowed to associate outside of work) “stopped by” since he lives above the bar -he doesn’t want to get in trouble so the official story is, he and EG (another manager) were walking down the street and decided to grab a beer before they called it a night with their girlfriends… Anyway, I thought that AP might show up -since he lives in the same building, so I decided to pregame before I got to the bar, then once at the bar, I had a few more drinks and then a beer to make sure I was relaxed if I saw him. -I know it sounds crazy, but I get nervous around him. Anyway, by the time he showed up, I was already drunk, and I kind of threw myself at him, in FRONT of his girlfriend..
    This is a manager, I barely think likes me as an employee let alone anything else, and I was hugging him and everything. I don’t remember the whole conversation but I remember at some point wispering, “I’m sorry, but I had to tell you, you’re so fucking hot. Again, I’m sorry.”
    His response? “It’s all good. It’s all good, a little weird but good.”
    I can’t remember everything else, but I’m now scared I weirded out.. As a married man who still attracts younger girls, how do you think AP feels??
    I know I kinda asked his girlfriend questions about their relationship or something. I can’t remember, I just remember calling him hot. and him basically rejecting it.
    -Do you think I creeped him out? Do you think he’s telling other people? -Maybe changing the story around so he doesn’t get in trouble like “I ran into Melanie on the street and she was throwing herself at me.”
    And do you think since his response to me saying “Sorry but you’re so fucking hot.” was “It’s all good, lil weird but good.” -Do you think it means he’s def NOT attracted to me?
    Or am I overanalyzing it?

  34. Taili says:

    Hi from the other side of the planet :)
    I wish I could ask you if you would tour the world and come to Taipei, but that’s just silly. So I’ll just wait a few years and grow up and go to New York or something.
    Anyway, here’s my question: What will you be doing about 5 years from now? Will you still be touring and making movies or will you move on to something else? Like, what are your plans for your career? Think about it. I really want to see you live.

  35. Julie says:

    Hi Trevor!

    I’m wondering: Do you ever have periods where you’re “stuck” creatively? If so, how do you get past it? Or are you just invariably awesome?

  36. Toby says:

    Hey Trevor,

    1.) I just saw your “Dare!” sketch on Leno (I died laughing) and I was wondering if anyone there noticed you. On a related note, did you keep Chuck Norris’s autograph?

    2.) I know you’ve been keeping busy, and I’ve seen Zach in other stuff, but are any of the other WKUK cast members doing anything besides writing the movie?

  37. Kurt says:

    Is there anyway I can get season one of The Whitest Kids U’ Know without the region code? oh, and you guys should do an Australian tour!! ;)

  38. Heath says:

    I met you at the sf show for just a moment, sliped you some “weedstuff” hope you guys found it to your liking, I really appreciate how nice you guys were, i work at a venue in Santa Cruz so i know just how many people can have a head on their shoulders.. you dont need to publish that part haha.. Im sure you hear this all the time, but if your ever in santa cruz california please feel free to shoot me and email

    anyways, ill get to the questions

    Q1: During your live performances you guys reenacted your skits from the show.. As much fun as i had, I didnt care too much for the reenacting, however i did find the unaired skits to be quiet enjoyable and felt just those videos along with explanations from you guys to be what was really worth the price of admission.
    (no offense of course )
    So my question is, in future TWKUK tours (if there are future tours) will it follow the same format as in, will you just be performing your skits from the show? i personally would like to see more unaired material such as the rape sketch as well as maybe some Q&A.. although from the looks of some of these other questions your getting, that might not be the best idea to do live, you got some nutty fans, self included

    Q2: Is there any way i could pitch you some skits? Some people are open to that sorts of stuff, just curious if there was an avenue to pitch it to you that wouldn’t be annoying..

    Q3: I know that you do solo tours by yourself to host and what not, any plans on another solo tour coming or is the Los angles thing on the 26th? As mentioned I work at a venue in Santa Cruz, id love to figure out a way to get you to perform there live..

    Q4: Who does your booking

    Q5: After your live performance in SF everyone but Zack came out for the meet and greet… What gives? does he not like dealing with The Whitest Fans You Dont Know?

    Q6. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that

    The United State Government, Under the direction of president Obama, (Eligibly) murdered Osama Bin Laden, Violating not only US Law ( President doesn’t have the right to order summery executions ) but also violated international law by invading Pakistani by sending military troops into the country without notifying Pakistan in order to carry out and operation in which not only Osama Bin Laden but also other unarmed civilians and family members were gunned down. This was in clear violation of his right to a fair trial under article 11 in The United Nation, Universal Declaration of human rights which assure you a fair trial.

    Besides the Murder of Osama Bin Laden the US Gov also used a drone to murder Anwar al-Awlaki a US citizen, This murder was also order by President Obama which once again is a summery execution, something which is illegal for him to do, this sets a precedence that you no longer have to be given a trial no matter what country you are a citizen of, if you pose a “threat” to us, we will murder your ass

    So my question: Obama, Good President? or the Best President ?
    just kidding, i just want to know if you agree with what i have said? or am i crazy? Iv been arguing this with people for months, i dont like people applauding the murder of him without anyone caring about actually proving it was the “mastermind”

    why is it we murder people for murdering people to show that murder is wrong?
    ( this question is rhetorical dont worry )

    None of this is even addressing the whole Osama just being a CIA front angle, were just talking official US story here…

    Q7: Did you know Obama is related to Dick Chaney & President Bush? is this coincidence or a freemason plot? DUNdunDUN!

    Q8: have you ever typed illuminati .com backwards into the URL? try it, spooky! hahah

    Q9: how high were you when you wrote alot of these skits?

    Q10: since “making it in the biz” have you ran into anyone who you always loved/ respected but never thought you would get to meet? were they cool or horrible?

    Q11: Why do Fools Fall in love?

    Q12: What did you honestly think of inglorious Bastards? i felt like they cashed in super hard, i mean seriously how hard is it to make an hour and a half long nazi snuff film? you go see a Quentin T movie for the awesome semi philosophic dialogue not sum dude named the bear jew club nazis to death with his bear jew bat… Do you think it lived up to the Hype? i sure as hell didn’t?

    Q13: why do they still insist on making shity Resident Evil Movies? will they ever stop?

    Q14: whats the weirdest place you have ever woken up at

    Q15: Do you think its right that Will Smith can just buy his son roles in shity ass movies like the Remake of the Karate Kid, WHICH BY THE WAY was set in China, and their doing Kung Fu no Karate… none of that made sense to me…

    thanks man, iv got way more questions but i figure you have spent enough time catering to me, you got my email if you ever wanna chat, take care

  39. Yahn says:

    Ssup again!
    Some guy have already asked that truly man question about a hairdo, so i’ll just have to wait and see if it’s hairgel or hairpins that you use. Thanks! Another question is about Tenzing from my favourite skit, The Opus. Is it the real Tenzing’s surname “NorGAY”(!!!) that made you decide to portray him gay-like, or was this name-to-character resemblence totally accidental? Also, i’d like to invite you to our Mother Russia for the 420th time, so you can see the real motorcycle bears, not just thinking some stereotypical parodies, and maybe to play a gig or two, yeah. Also, we have the moonshine whiskey legalized, so, man, don’t miss it!
    Thanks for the feedback, for the Batman report and, personally, for the huge inspiration you’re giving me! Mean, I even speak english better when parodying your voice!

  40. Becky says:

    Trevor, I just have one question….

    How often do you drop it like it’s hot?

  41. Daylon says:

    First off, I’d like to say how much I love the show. My brother started me watching the show a few years ago with the skit, “Space Potatoes.” My favorite non-television sketch is probably “Sonic the Hedgehog Gets Mugged.” I can’t even list my favorite TV sketches, because there are so many good ones. I tend to like the cleaner comedy more, because to make it work you have to actually have a gold mine of an idea, not just add “fuck” to every other sentence. Anyways, my questions are, “How long do you guys (the troupe) plan on continuing preforming/making stuff together?” and “What are your plans for your career in the long run?”

  42. Davey Jay says:

    Hey Trev,

    Just wondering if you do any sort of podcasting? Your show would deff be dope, I’m sure everybody wants to hear your stories.

    And whats your favorite drug?

    Also @Heath Resident Evil kicks ass.

  43. Rose says:

    First, I wanted to say how much you have inspired me. I stopped writing after a great friend of mine moved away from Boston to Lebanon and started once more recently because of you and WKUK …so I cannot thank you enough! There’s only one thing I really want to know;

    Have you ever been afraid to be daring in your comedy, or have you always been confident people will accept it?

  44. Harlan says:

    Love WKUK and your film Miss March so really looking forward to your comedy CD as I know it won’t disappoint :) Just wondering if you have any touring plans in the UK as I can’t get to the US very easily. Also on a slightly weirder note, if there was a comedy version of the Expendables (with great comedians and comedy actors instead of great action heroes) and you were offered a leading role would you take part?

  45. Selena says:

    Hey Trevor! I think wkuk is amazing and I think you are amazing!
    Question 1. What is the wkuk movie going to be about? Cause I cant wait till your movie comes out.
    Question 2. I was wondering if on your wkuk tour if you are coming to Oklahoma? I would love to see you live!

  46. Tara says:

    Hey! I’m a really big fan okay i’ll try and make this fast.
    How do you feel about fan art? Do you think it’s creepy? Have you ever been blown away by something someone sent you? Do you draw at all?
    When you were younger did you aspire to be a comedian or was there something else you wanted to be? I’m sure someone’s asked that before. It’s a pretty generic thing to ask.
    Thanks so much! You’re so awesome to your fans!

  47. Miranda D says:

    Being a hige fan of uours and WKUK I need your advice in all seriousness Is it stupid to hook up with someone you have feelings for that only wants to hook up with you? Am I slowly torturing myself?? What you do?

  48. Andrew says:

    Hey Trevor, really like your work just saw Miss March for the first time and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if there is any plans to release a complete series set of the WKUK or have a seasons 4 and 5 on dvd and/or blue ray come out any time soon? Also did you watch a lot of sketch comedy growing up and if so what troupes? (kind of always thought you were a Kids in the Hall kind of guy)

  49. Katie Bowles says:

    Hey, Trevor!
    I know I already left a comment a few weeks ago, but I recently travelled to Los Angeles! I was wondering if you were still around here, and if so, if I could possibly meet you. But if not, where are some places I should check out here? Not extremely touristy or expensive places…I’m in town for a Jack White concert! I’ll be in LA on the tenth-twelfth.
    Thanks, you’re the best!

  50. Lykke says:

    Hey Trevor! I’m a really big fan, I love the show, I always end up crying because I’m laughing so hard. So to the questions..

    1)What do you think when you see fan art of you?
    2)Have you ever thought about traveling to Norway? It would be so cool if you did.
    3)What does you’re family think about the show ?

  51. Grantopolis says:

    Hey Trevor,
    I’m a huge fan of the Whitest Kids U Know. Like I use quotes from the show in daily conversation…
    And much of my life is spent on youtube, watching the show….
    Couple questions,
    1) Will you acknowledge my existence?
    2) My friend told me that the WKUK will be performing at Tulane University soon. I was wondering, do you guys still tour for WKUK or is that just a special occasion? If you guys still tour, will you be coming to San Francisco at all?
    3) Will WKUK ever come back, or is it done for good? Is this just like an extended hiatus, or is WKUK forever complete? (talking about the t.v. show here, not live shows).
    3) What is the song at the beginning of the “Abe Lincoln” sketch? And what is the song at the beginning of the Brothers in Arms sketch?
    4) Totally random question here, but I’m just curious because I was thinking about this myself lately. If you could meet one person (who is still alive..) in the world, who would it be? In other words, who is your idol? Besides you, I would probably want to meet John Frusciante, former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is definitely my idol. After that maybe Michael Emerson (LOST).


  52. Grantopolis says:

    Hey Trevor,

    I have one more questions.

    Do you miss the show at all? (wkuk)

  53. Liv says:

    Hi Trevor! Huge fan!
    Heard you and Zach C are both from Virginia, do you both go back there to visit frequently??
    Thanks so much for doing this Q&A thing btw! It just makes you even more amazing and it’s refreshing to see celebs that can still be humble and genuine. love it

  54. Griffin says:

    Hey sorry for the double post, but I accidentally put this on one of your older posts’ comments section and I wasn’t sure if you only answered questions on your most recent post or not so I apologize haha:
    First off I just wanna say I love the WKUK! I’ve seen every sketch like a dozen times they never get old and i was soo sad when the show ended. but I wanna see one of your live shows if you ever come to the SF bay area! I also just wanted to say how cool it is that you have an awesome/funny/offensive show, but you guys are all really nice and chill dudes in interviews and you respect your fans, which is something you dont always see as much as you should. So thanks for just keepin it real and being really genuine people. so anyways to the questions: 1) Which/Do all 5 of the wkuk members smoke pot and drink or even do like other drugs? haha (im not a cop itd just be dope to light up with you guys haha) 2) I heard stuff about a WKUK movie and I know the civil war on drugs was like a movie, but I can’t get a straight answer online: will there be another wkuk movie thats not the civil war one?

  55. Mercy says:

    Hey, Trevor!

    I’ve been a diehard fan (and in love with you) for a while now. When I first saw WKUK, I was shocked at how familiar many of your settings, characters, and jokes seemed to be–and then I found out you hailed from Charlottesville. The other day, when, like always, I was babbling about you, I realized who your parents were, and just how close my dad used to be with your dad (they did churchy stuff together, like photograph the member directory, and sing on the worship team). Because of this crazy realization, I’ve got some more informed questions about you!

    1. Did you ever go to church with your parents? At what age? (just trying to figure out if we were ever in the same room together, or if you ever smiled at baby me.)
    2. How did you feel about your high school? (It’s my high-school’s rival. Grr.)
    3. What was your favorite spot in Charlottesville?
    4. Do you ever come back and visit? If so, how often/where do you spend your time?
    5. When you graduated high school, how ready were you to leave C’ville?

    And then one other:
    6. Which of the gang is, in general, least like the characters they most often portray, yourself included?

    Thanks, dude! Hope to see you around!

  56. Jonny says:

    Hey, man! Does your OCD tend to get better or worse when you smoke weed–that is, if you don’t mind me asking…

  57. Fran says:

    Hi, Trevor! Another question for you. Have you ever brought home any of the guys to meet mom and dad? Tehe.

  58. joe says:

    hey trev! how did you and your wife meet?

  59. Presto says:

    Hey Trevor! What is the best character impression you can do from any tv show, or cartoon and if possible, could you please make a short video of yourself doing this impression. Also, please come back to SF Sketchfest this year. I missed you guys just barely and really need you guys to comeback before I head off to college.

  60. Tony says:

    Hey! Big fan. 1.Blonds or brunettes? 2.Could you would you fall in love with a fan if you weren’t married? You are lucky to have all those hot girlfans it must be awesome 3.Describe from day to nigh what you do in a busy day and in a lazy one? 4.What’s your worst fear? 5.Do you work out? 6.How often do you talk/hang out with the other whitest kids, do you miss your friendship? 7.What’s something a person could do to make you hate them and get them out of your life for good? 8.Do you recommend marriage or should I stay single forever? I don’t find myself capable of fidelity for life you know too many interesting hot babes what do you recommend. Do you plan to do it till dead….can you, is it even possible? Thanks Trevor.

  61. Laura-Joy says:

    Trevor! I will repost and repost this very, very mildly amusing comment in the hopes that it will one day solicit a response — not because it’s worthwhile or because you will have a real answer to this non-question, but because I think you’re hilarious and selfishly want to truthfully boast that Trevor Moore humored my stupid observation on the mother f*&!ing internet. Thank you kindly.

    Laura-Joy Salter says:
    May 9, 2012 at 6:01 pm
    I desperately hope that, on occasion, this woman dresses up as Darren and forces her voice into a baritone. There’s a definite resemblance there. In order to make this a question, I’ll ask you if you think you could contact this woman and persuade her to do so? Not for the show or me or anything, just…for the sake of anonymous, unacknowledged comedy?

    From Brooklyn, where we secretly and creepily hope at least one of you lives, your fans:

    – Laura-Joy and Sarah

  62. Tawny.NotJonas. says:

    Hey Trevor! do you ever come to Seattle, WA? also, do you have any advice on writing sketch comedy?

  63. Tabatha says:

    One time I said “Hello I love everything that you do!” to you on AIM and you said “Thank You!” and it was probably one of the greatest days of my life. That seems like AGES ago now.

    I was wondering if you had ever read any of the slash(gay fanfiction) written about you and some other WKUK members…I posted a link to one on your twitter(I’m SegelsPenis) and was wondering how you feel about that…it’s pretty weird but pretty entertaining.

    Click if you dare.

  64. Jasmine Larson says:

    Hi Trevor! Oh my gosh soooo many questions. I’ll try to narrow it down to like a million though. lol Just kidding. Ok 1: Do you really smoke pot? I do and everyone always tells me it means I’ll never amount to anything and can never possibly accomplish anything, but if you smoke you’re living proof that’s not true! :) Well, I guess I am too because I’m a free lance artist and just got an offer to do a book cover. :D

    2:You seem like a really cool/nice person and even say you believe there is a God, but some of your humor is a little disturbing, don’t get me wrong I love it! There’s no skit I haven’t laughed my butt off at. But I was wondering, ya know with all the baby killing and all, is that really your sense of humor or do you just try to come up with crazy things?

    3: Is the F word the only bad word you won’t say? I can’t believe I’ve been watching you guys for 3 years and never once noticed that you don’t say that.

    4: You say you’re married in real life, do you ever play any pranks on her in real life like you do on the show? Like go to bed in a suit and refuse to say why, and then jump out of bed early in the morning screaming “It’s SATURDAY! It’s SATURDAY!” lol I loved that.

    5: Back on question number 1, do you have a tolerance for weed or does it ever make you goofy beyond your control? I’ve been smoking for 5 years, and I still have the tendency to get really silly when I smoke, no matter what quality the stuff is.

    6: Do you ever plan on touring in Arizona? You’ve got lots of fans in Tucson! :)

  65. bratishka says:

    How did you manage to make Darren look SO lifelike in “Weird” sketch?

  66. Lindsay says:

    Trevor! I’m from Lynchburg, VA and I know you’re from Charlottesville so if you’re ever in the area we should smoke a bowl or something. Maybe? And also I think you’re awesome and hot and I love you. okay bye.

  67. Katie says:

    Hi Trevor! I’ve just recently become a WKUK fan. I wanted to say that it’s pretty awesome for me to see you so successful and always working even with OCD. I have trichotillomania, which is sometimes classified as an impulse control disorder, and it’s hindered me sometimes from putting myself out there because I’ve been self-conscious about it for years, but knowing that there are people out there like you, who struggle with similar issues but don’t let it stop them from achieving their goals, is an inspiration.

    So as far as actual questions go (and I’m sorry if this has been asked before), what sketches, or even just general aspects of your work, are you the most proud of? What projects have you struggled the most with and felt the most rewarded by?

    Thank you! God bless!

  68. AJ says:

    Hi Trevor, are you racist? And please don’t refer me to that horrible Avenue Q song; I will be seriously bummed out if, racist or not, you aren’t at least smart enough to recognize why that’s a load of crap. Seriously. I’d rather think you’re racist than stupid.

  69. Madelene says:

    Hey, I know you bounced around a couple schools before settling. I am currently looking at film schools, and just wondering what you liked about the place you finally settled, and didn’t about the places you left. I’m just utterly befuddled.
    Also, when Zach is a morose king and with Ariel of the sea and all that…are the barnacles on Sam cheerios? Because that’s what I see.

  70. ColtonfromFL says:

    Hey Trevor, hows it going? Im a big WKUK fan since “hitler rap”. I had seen a question earlier about touring to the south and wanted you to see if you could make a stop in Jacksonville Fl? If so I have another question. Even though “Civil war on drugs” was a movie/sketch, do you smoke weed? Cause id love to burn one down!!

  71. Avalon says:

    ok…..first question is will you or anyone else from WKUK be touring in/around pittsburgh anytime soon-ish? my second question is are you going to do another tv show or anything that has to do with sketch comedy again? because you definatly should. oh and will you marry me?

  72. Maxwell says:

    Hey Trevor! Was wondering who was the mastermind behind the grapist? And why haven’t you come to Maryland yet, it’s full of comedy clubs!!!

  73. Octavius Doodleberry Funk says:

    Ok I’ve got a really important question for you. I think I have too many damn socks. When I try to open my sock drawer my dresser falls over on me. What the hell should I do? Also do you laugh when somebody says weiner? I do.

  74. nicole says:

    hey trevor! :d i left a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly long post on your WKUK website and sry for blabbing on there lol . oh and sry for asking for an email response on that post lol but id love one :) as i’m one of your biggest fans. you are so awesome! so my questions are….what is the funniest movie you have ever seen? :D just wondering :p and why does zach like it when poor timmy gets hurt o.O? luv u all tho hehe oh btw i read the fanfic from the above question and HOLY HOT I ALMOST DIED XD! btw i know i said this on the WKUK site so plz dont think i’m wierd lol but YOU….ARE….SEXY…HOT!!! hah. im a huge fan and would also love if you toured near San Antonio TX. :D thanks and have a nice day!

  75. nicole says:

    btw this is part of my above question but i ran out of room o.o plz dont let zach get mad at me lol im only jokingly curious. id love to meet you all someday :D

  76. Will Krett says:


    I consider you and all the other WKUK guys total role models. Nothing you do is less than hilarious, and I’m mega pissed that I first saw your work only a year ago. I mostly just wanted to let you know I super-appreciate your vids/music/writing.

    As one of my 5 best friends in an alternate universe, I imagine you’ll be able to answer these questions pretty easily: Isn’t Oregon awesome, and shouldn’t the Republic of Cascadia totally secede from the US/Canada? With all your talk of capitalism throughout WKUK I feel like you’d do well there.
    Last question: I’m a student at Oregon State University (soil science bizsnatch!) and I’ve been in an existential funk lately regarding my ‘purpose’. I’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comedian or comedic actor, but I’ve never had the nuts to do it. My question is……(holy shit, right?)……do you have any advice for a dude trying to take part in an open mic and start trying stand-up?

    Sorry for wasting your time.
    –Squillard the Bold

  77. Jaiden L says:

    Hey Trevor, any plans on coming to Canada on tour soon? If you do, you should come do a show in Calgary.

    • Rakesh says:

      I went there only because (Congress leedar and Pune MP) Suresh Kalmadi insisted that I come. I went there only when I was told that Sushil Kumar Shinde had been honoured in one of the earlier meets of the organisation. How can anyone even think of me being a leedar of any one community? If various associations like the Vaishya Samaj or some Muslim body invite me, I do go there, she told The Indian Express.Asked if she saw Muthalik there, Dikshit said as a leedar she meets hundreds of people everyday . Am I expected to know everyone whom I meet? I didn’t know about the man you are talking about. But if he’s the same man behind the vandalism (in Mangalore), he needs to condemned in the strongest possible terms. In Pune, there is talk that Kalmadi and the Congress tried to steal the thunder from the saffron parties by reaching out to the four-lakh Brahmin voter base there via the two-day gathering. Kalmadi was not available for comment.Ghaisas Guruji, who runs an institution to impart Vedic education in Pune, said: While we were organising a local meet in Dharwad (in Karnataka), we were told Muthalik should be invited to the Pune meet because he had been doing good work among the Brahmins. We didn’t known about his background at all. We were taken aback when we learnt the truth about him from television. (With ENS reports from Pune, Bangalore)

  78. Alexa A. says:

    Hey Trevor! First I want to say I love WKUK it makes me laugh so much! Of course watching your show spawns questions in my mind about you so here they are: 1) do you really do drugs? Or do you make it seem like you do to be funny? (I think it would be the best thing ever to party with you) 2) where do you get ideas for your sketches? 3) will you ever come to buffalo New York? 4) where did you meet the other guys on WKUK? 5) when you were a kid were you insecure? Or we’re you always really confident in yourself? 6) do you get nervous when performing? I’m a singer and I still he really nervous on stage any suggestions on how to beat that? Well thanks and I just gotta say even if its awkward you are really attractive and I would love to meet you! Well that’s it so have a nice day!

  79. Val says:

    You stopped updating >:

  80. Jess says:

    Hey Trevor, my wife and I are huge fans! 2 quick questions… 1) In the sketch where they serve dog poop in the restaurant, what the hell was that stuff actually?? It was so nasty looking! 2) What do you guys use for cum? In the Jizzle sketch and the “Come down here” sketch. That’s it! Hope you guys come to Philly soon!

  81. Austin R. says:

    Hey Trevor I was wondering if the civil war on drugs was the movie you were talking about when you said Miss March was mainly just for you and Zach and you’d be making one with the whole cast. Also I wanted to let you know that you look exactly like Ian Curtis if they happen to make another Joy Division movie.

  82. tv shows says:

    Wow, this piece of writing is fastidious, my sister is
    analyzing these things, therefore I am going to inform her.

  83. M.B says:

    Hey Trevor, I always wondered who sings the opening song from WKUK?

  84. Attractive portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital
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    Anyway I’ll be subscribing in your feeds or even I fulfillment you get right of entry to persistently rapidly.

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    defined, keep it up all the time.

  86. brittney says:

    hi there trevor…i’m luvin ur relationship advice. so what would b your advice 4 handling a crazy baby daddy and his family? also a dude that has been stalking me 4 a good min.? just wondering what u would have 2 say about it… by the way luvs wkuk, and so can’t wait 4 ur album…

  87. Julia says:

    Hey Trevor! I really don’t even know if you are still answering questions or not but I’m gonna give it a shot anyways. Here are my questions : 1) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2) How do you feel about having an affair? 3) Will you marry me please? (Aimee is very lucky woman) And yeah I know you probably get that last one A LOT, but I’m going to ask it anyways. By the way, you guys should come do a show in Toronto. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful life!

  88. Kenneth says:

    Hey Trevor,

    I was wondering if you have an official YouTube channel, and also…if you do….have you ever considered doing gameplays? Most of the people who do that nowadays are mediocre. I don’t know why, but I think it would be awesome if you did!

  89. Isaias David Morales says:

    Hey Trevor! Some friends and I are going to your show at the Waiting Room in Omaha, Ne… Will you guys party with us afterwards?

  90. Hannah says:

    I’ve noticed that in sketches you refrain from swearing, and I’ve read that that’s because of your OCD. But in the Pope Rap, you swear gratuitously. As a fellow OCD sufferer, I was wondering what brought about this change. My apologies if this is too personal.

  91. A tango name for an argentinian girl says:

    I think I’ve got to get other job or something. I wait every day until 4 am for see WKUK in a local channel.
    I recently moved from my parents house, and I stayed with them these past weeks because I don’t have at my place any TV or internet or technological stuff to laugh with your sketches. (Such a stupid woman right?)
    Anyway… What things you recomend me not to say to the embassy of USA for they give me a visa to get in the states? I wanna go and see you guys live! You commies subversive nihilists gay perverts hippies atheists gringos!
    So… In the 90s, here in Argentina there was a show like WKUK. It was called CHA CHA CHA. Hope you can see it on youtube sometime.
    And the pope is now a compatriot of mine! You’ve got to see the pope-a-holic people at the streets wearing pope t-shirts and pope pregnancy test, and pope says not make an abortion cream, and pope let’s kill everyone pills. Whatever.
    Sorry for the gramatical mistakes. I learned english watching Steven Seagal’s films.

  92. Kyle says:

    Hey Trevor! I’ve watched your videos on youtube ever since i was little ( now i’m slightly more mature ) and i never really got the “real” punchline as a kid. Now i understand the real joke of each video and that makes it twenty times more funny. I really miss the WKUK gang and you guys are a big part of my childhood. I just wanted to ask, could you marry my mum and become my dad?

  93. Carson says:

    Do you ever come to visit Virginia? And If so, what for? Family, friends? Also, have you ever been to or heard of Busch Gardens? Lastly, have you ever done any non-comedic songs? Hope you’re having a great day!

  94. chris king says:

    Hey trevor! First off I wanna say you make me laugh soooo much! I cant stop! Also do you think that you might be visiting your hometown in charlottesville V.A. sometime, cause if you are I live close by in spotsylvania county and it would be awsome if you stopped by maybe to the towne center for an autograph session! If you cant I understand but thanks for all you have done to brighten up my day! You’re awsome!

  95. Kevin says:

    Hello, Trevor, big fan you guys. I was wondering do you and the guys still keep in touch and do sketch comedy together on stage in shows. Another question was I read somewhere you got the name WKUK from freestyle rapping in the subway; I was wondering exactly what did you guys say and who was the people rapping (by people I mean you guys)? Last question for now, I hope this isn’t too personal, whenever I watch an episode you relatively never curse, why?

  96. Clare says:

    Hey Trevor! What’s your favorite cartoon/movie from the 90′s?

  97. Clare says:

    P.S Since I’m unable to get an autograph in person I’m hoping you could write me something and sign it then take a picture and reply with a link to it? That would be amazing because I just think you’re hilarious and a great guy. One of my top favorite comedians!

  98. The Whitest Girls U Know says:

    Come to Iowa again. Now. We desperately need you. Or else we will be graped to death please help us D: and you have any advice on how to teach a whale to jump out of its tail? I want to do that for show and tell. Also I want to touch your butt.

  99. Chris says:

    Huge fan of the show even though i just recently started watching it a few months ago. 1. Where do i find the songs of olden times cds? 2. I was wondering what i would have to do to join the wkuk? 3. Is it hard to answer all these questions? Thank you for your time oh and tell timmy i said hey

  100. juan A says:

    Hi Trevor! Me and my girl love WKUK, and we have two questions. first of all, is the trevor show still going on in LA? if it is, is there a VIP section where fans can hang out?

  101. juan A says:

    ps we love the wkuk theme song ! its cheerfully playful

  102. juan A says:

    hey trevor ! whats your opinion on the show ” its always sunny in phili?

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  105. Mario.O says:

    Sup Trevor, first off I love your show and it fits my sense of humor perfectly; but anyways 1)I just wanted to ask if there was a possibility that you would become christian? I know it may seem a bit “forward” or “weird” but I notice that you put a lot of illuminati stuff in your new album so you must be somewhat aware of the evil in this world
    2) do you believe in the illuminati? and if so are you involved with them?
    3)what was your mindset while preparing to graduate from high school? Like what were your goals?
    thanks for reading this you’re the best

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  107. Joseph B says:

    I had a fantastic idea today. I’ve been sending out the “It’s illegal to say” sketch quite a bit lately because I think that it’s a fantastic PSA.

    For those who need a refresher:

    Now, I was having a bit of a giggle this morning when some random number sent me a text message and I told them that I was going to be the next President of the United States of America. I said I was working on a Kickstarter Campaign for the next “Freedom of Speech” bus, and I would be going to every state, constantly playing that Youtube clip.

    Seems like a good idea.

    SO, I got home and decided to see who owns that content, so I could ask if it would be cool to go ahead and do this. I saw that you guys are doing a movie, which is awesome, and this bus thing could be awesome timing. I hate my job, and I have just enough experience to pull this off, and not too much to not want to do it again yet. Seriously though. Send me an email. If certain groups of people want to make it abundantly clear that they are allowed to say certain things, we should, as good, law abiding, freedom loving people, tell others what exactly you are not allowed to say. Because it’s a shorter list, which makes it way easier to remember the finer points.

    Lets do this, for the GLORY!

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