Brand new ‘Monday Questions’ ROUND 3!!

Hey everyone!! Here’s another round of Monday Question (even though I didn’t really get around to it till Tuesday.) Thanks for participating! If you have anything else you’d like to know about WKUK, my new album, upcoming shows or whatever, leave them in the comments section and I’ll try to get to them by next Monday!

Q1: VaginalBloodFart says: Do you still do the carlton when not being solicited by people making videos?

A: Trevor: Haha! Not so much. (Here’s the video he’s talking about. I’m somewhere in the middle: )


Q2: Victoria says: Would you please tell my five year old hi. His name is Reese and he thinks you are so funny. He knows wayyyy more WKUK sketches than any five year old should know. He wants to dress up like sex robot for Halloween. Lol.
Also… We would love for you guys to make a stop in Tennessee. We like to laugh down here too
Thanks for the laughs. Can’t wait for the new stuff.

A: Trevor: Hey Reese! Thansk for watching the show! Hopefully we’ll be in Tennessee sometime in the fall.


Q3: Glen says: Anecdote then question. On memorial day I made a hammock out of hemp, then attempted to smoke it. I past out from lack of oxygen but not in the hammock I just smoked. OK now question. How was your memorial day? Oh and do you prefer “Slam Dunk Ernest” or “Ernest Goes to Jail? Get at me bra !

A: Trevor: I don’t believe that story. My Memorial Day was good. I watched  a lot of Teen Mom and grilled and artichoke. I prefer ‘Ernest Goes to Jail’ but maybe only because I haven’t seen ‘Slam Dunk Ernest’.


Q4: Aaron says: Hey Trevor! Huge fan yours. If you are ever in central Florida and want somewhere to “mellow out” get at me. It would be an honor. My question is this: How many takes, on average, does it take you to not laugh during a skit? I mean, I sometimes catch you guys cracking a smile and you just roll with it.

A: Trevor: Thanks Aaron! We just did a show in Orlando a couple months ago. But we’ll probably be back sometime this year! As for the amount of takes, it depends … some people have a harder time not laughing then others. I’m usually pretty good about not laughing … except for the ‘Huggins Family Car Dealership’ sketch. I think that was the hardest one for me to get through, for some reason.


Q5: lara star says: Hey Trevor
while going through a crazy breakup a yr ago,my cousins showed me WKUK to cheer me up and since then..I’ve seen literally EVERY single sketch from the show,and in some odd way ,it definitely got me through my breakup..SO THANK YOU!
A) so,my 10 cousins and i are all very close,im the 2nd oldest (21),and we all have the same dry/crazy humor as you and the guys from WKUK,and we all think we deserve a weird late night reality show about my entire family lol and thought it’d be perfect if you’d be the ryan seacrest to our family as he is to the Kardashians,and be our producer for our show lol WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER THAT??(its worth a shot lol) or EVER PRODUCING ANYTHING? you’re so talented.

B) Will you ever make a stop in Texas for the tour? im in san antonio,but Austin would be a perfect stop for you guys,i’d totally make a trip to ATX. also,if you ever need help booking in TX,my father is well known musician,bar owner,local magazine creator,and business graduate,who’d love to help get u over here.
C) On your twitter you mentioned,”Cocaine Mondays”…is that something you still do? if so,maybe you should try coming to TX on a monday!!!!  (jk,kinda)

D.) What type of music are u into? for some reason,everytime i listen to folk,such as Conor Oberst,M.Ward…etc. i see us,like hanging out on a Monday,jamming out ;D

A: Trevor: Thanks! Lara! Glad the show could help you through your break up. As for producing your show … I don’t know, that sounds like a lot of work and I just ate and I wanted to play  Diablo 3… B) We’ll definitely be doing a show in Austin soon. We were going to do one  amonth or so ago- but we had to reschdule it. C) I don’t really do ‘Cocaine Mondays’ anymore … but ‘DMT Thursdays’ is alive and well!  D) The music I listen to changes a lot. I get obsessed with bands and listen to them non stop for a couple months, then get bored and move on. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of War.


Q6: Cate says: Hi!  First, I feel I must tell you that I absolutely love the Whitest Kids. I was like, 15 when the show premiered, and I’ve been a fan ever since. You guys are fucking awesome, and it’s impossible to be in a shitty mood after watching an episode. I’ve actually been watching your guys’ commentary on the episodes now, haha which may sound like a waste of time, but you guys are amusing.
And secondly, would you guys be able to come down to Arizona while touring? Tucson, to be specific. In all honesty, it sucks dick here, but I would LOVE to see you guys! It would be awesome.

A: Trevor: Thanks so much Cate! That’s nice to hear! It’s awesome that some people have stayed with the show since way back on Fuse! I’m not sure of our fall tour dates/ cities yet. But we’ll be posting them soon. And hopefully we’ll come by Tucson!


Q7: Valerie says: Hey Trevor, Just wanted to say you’re super awesome!
Do you get asked how tall you are a lot? My fiance is 6’8”, he gets bugged about it everywhere we go. Also, do you watch any other comedians or musicians, like Bo Burnham, Dereck Comedy/Childish Gambino, or Tim Minchin?
Thanks to much for taking the time to talk to all of us!

A: Trevor: I do get it a lot. But it doesn’t bother me or anything. I honestly forget that I am tall most of the time because I just always assume that everyone is shorter than me so I don’t think about it. It’s jarring when I run into someone who is taller than me.


Q8: Bella says: Hello Trevor! How are you? Did you really hit Zach with the phone book? It looked real. Did any of you guys ever get injured by doing your stunts? From the WKUK guys who’s your best friend? What’s your favorite movie and actor? Which Shakespearian role would you like to play? Who directs your musical videos? Thank you. Love you; you’re so talented, intelligent and handsome. All the best!

A: Trevor: Hello Bella! I’m good! Yes, I really hit Zach with the phone book. We’ve all gotten pretty injured doing sketches. I hurt myself jumping into that bookshelf during ‘Bigfoot Vs. Gravedigger’, Sam broke his arm during ‘Suicide Show’, Darren broke his hand doing ‘Space Potatoes’ live, Zach had to go to the hospital for poison ivy during the Civil War on Drugs… I don’t know that Timmy’s ever gotten hurt though. Unless you’re counting feelings.


Q9: Heidi Hallas says: I have to admit I have only just heard of WKUK last year and completely laughed so hard I peed, HA! I absolutely love the roll reversals portraying your self’s as lady’s from a guys perspective at times. I mean come on who dose not like foul mouthed Douchebaggery? I think you guy’s have a natural chemistry that just works, I know you guy’s travel to San Fran, Have you guy’s ever considered touring in Long beach? Oo yeah and the sketches you guy’s do are hilarious SERIOUSLY, do you guy’s ever consider doing real life situations and problems in your sketches and manipulating them into comedy? you know like the ones that are a fine line between ( Ooopsie did i just say that) and ( Officer I swear I was not smuggling midgets in pinatas). Sorry I have a warped twisted mind  Any way’s a BIG thank’s to you guy’s for giving me a reason to piss my pant’s with reason. You deff have fan’s here in LBC! xOxO!

A: Trevor: Thannks Heidi! We’ve never done a show out at Long Beach, but we do shows in LA from time to time. I’ll post our next one here and at  We’re hoping to do a WKUK show sometime this summer in LA. Sometimes we will do sketches based off of real life situations or people we know in real life. The ‘Boiler Room Repairman’ sketch was based off of a IT guy that I know. And “Dad Will Take Care of It’ I based off of my Dad and pretty much everyone else in the world’s Dad.


Q10: IS says: Dear Trevor can you please explain to me talking in general and seriously why if some men hate their wives, are not attracted to them anymore, feel castrated and limited by them, are sick and tired of them, etc. They don’t divorce them and instead they cheat on them. Like Sam’s character on the blue aliens sketch. Why can’t they just get a divorce and be free to do whatever they want? Please enlighten me about male nature. (I’m not married or anything like that I just don’t understand this)

A: Trevor: I’m assuming it’s either because they have children and don’t want to disrupt their lives by putting them through a divorce or that they’re frightened of the financial aspect of separating from a spouse (alimony, child support, splitting property rights, etc.)


Q11: Amanda B says: Hey, budski! Here’s a question for you… What’s the worst heckling you’ve experienced on stage?? Do you have a FAVORITE time you’ve been heckled? Also, any favorite memory of one of the OTHER WKUK being heckled? … So I have this guy who I was friends with in 7th grade…now we’re 27-28 and we’ve re-connected. We were rogging for awhile even though he’s got a girlfriend. One night after doin’do’do’doin’it’doin’it I told him he should probably stop seeing her. He blew up at me and told ME I was being “disrespectful to his relationship.” SOthe question is…On a scale of 1 to fucking Micheal Lohan, how huge of a soaring douche-hole is he, AND, just exactly how hard should I kick him in the nutsac?

A: Trevor: We toured with the band ‘Flogging Molly’ for six weeks before we had a tv show and their fans would throw beer bottles at us and scream through our sets. That was the worst. I don’t really have a favorite time being heckled. Because it’s usually a drunk person being annoying.  And, I would guess you should just stop sleeping with that guy. Sounds like a queef.


Q12: Miguel says: Why do you think people ask you about things that happen in their lives? Do you have a history as a counselor? Do girls tell you you’re a good listener? And also: What do you think would happen if you pour insect repellent over an insect?

A: Trevor: I am a licensed internet life counselor. I know exactly what everyone should do with their lives at all times. That’s why. My advice is always stellar. Also, if you poured insect repellent over an insect, the insect would be repelled from itself and constantly shooting around the room – therefore giving you an element that you could develop a perpetual motion machine from.


Q13: frankenfi says: Did you go to SVA right after high school? What did you major in and did it ever change during your time in college?

A: Trevor: I went to 4 different colleges. I started out as a Broadcasting major at VCU but ended up as a film major at SVA.


Q14: Ellie says: I’m sorry Trevor but I need your advice on this situation, but this girl and I have never really gotten along that well, after she deliberately ignored me one time I called her a bitch on twitter putting her on blast -NOT saying that was the most mature thing but at least I didn’t tag her -(neither of us follow each other) -two of my followers retweeted me so she could see it. She then harasses me with Facebook messages saying I need to grow up and stop caring what people think. She’s 23, I’m 20, how is she more mature then I am by bombarding me with Facebook messages then blocking me so she has the last word? Also doesn’t it sound like SHE’s the one who cares what people think?
I’m sorry to bombard you with my problems but I wouldn’t to know YOUR thoughts on this scenario even if you think I’m a dumbass cuz I value your opinions more than most peoples

A: Trevor: Fights shouldn’t happen via a social network. They should happen in parking lots behind grocery stores at 3 -5 in the morning. Each girl getting to chose a weapon she specializes in. Nothing with moving parts, however.  Chains, pipes and knives. No witnesses. Neither of them telling anyone else where and when the fight is  - or even that it’s taking place. The victor should remove the fallen’s head, hands and any other identifying parts and never speak a word of the fight to anyone as long as she still draws breath.  Either that or just block the bitch.


Q15: Lorena says: Hello Trevor. Big fan here with a few questions.
If you’ve ever experienced severe anxiety and OCD, how did you or how are you coping with the disorders?
Do your fans ever inspire you and the rest of the WKUK in some way?
If you could star in any one of your favorite movies, which one would it be?
Are there any songs you like that you wish you wrote first?
Who do you relate to most, Beavis or Butthead?

A: Trevor: I’ve had OCD since I was a kid so I’m fairly used to it at this point. It’s annoying. But it’s something that’s been there, being annoying for decades. So it’s an expected annoyance.  I’m always surprised by how loyal a lot of the WKUK fans have been. It seems like very time we tour we meet kids who’ve driven 5 hours or more to come see some of the shows and that always blows me a way and really makes me wish we’d rehearsed more J  .. I don’t know that I would have wanted to star in any of my favorite movies .. because then it would be weird if I said that it was my favorite movie. Anyone who says their favorite movie is one that they’re in is a dick. …. I wish I’d written the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. $$$$$$$$$ … And I think I relate to Butthead more.


Q16: Mary-Kate G. says: Hey Trevor you are the shit ! (: I follow you on twitter and I’ve read a few posts about you being a vegetarian, are you one? Also I see a lot of Ancient Aliens references, are you a fan of the show? If you are have you ever met Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (the dude with the crazy hair)?

A: Trevor: Thanks Mary-Kate! I am a vegetarian – but not really for moral reasons. One summer when we were shooting, it was constantly like 90  -100 degrees in NYC and I felt gross and sluggish all the time. So I decided to not eat meat for a week and see if I felt better. I did, so I just decided to keep going with it. I do love the Acinet Aliens show, but never really was aware that we’d referenced the show at all (besides just sort of making fun of the History Channel’s penchant for science-fiction programming in general.) And no, I’ve never met the crazy haired guy.


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53 Responses to Brand new ‘Monday Questions’ ROUND 3!!

  1. Floyd Dehanne says:

    Hi Trevor! Big fan also who wanted to know if there were ever a zombie apocalypse which of the other WKUK troupe members would you sacrifice first and why? Btw I love your music look forward to your album release

  2. Tara R. says:

    Hey Trevor! I just wanted to start off by thanking you for your work with WKUK, it never fails to makes me laugh and can really turn my shitty days around for the better :) I hope  I’ll see you if you guys ever come to Vancouver, Canada someday! & my question for you is if you weren’t involved in acting what career would you want to be in?

  3. Clarissa says:

    Trevor, you are amazing. I’ve been a fan of the Whitest Kids U Know since I was 17 and have loved you all ever since. Trevor the fact that you have this Q&A for your fans only adds to your perfection, thank you for doing this.

    Question 1, Who is your favorite poet? Just saw your brilliant sketch Walt Whitman and I was wondering if you all did that cause he’s either your favorite poet or just to spoof PBS?

    Question 2, That sketch, Dr. Kyle COMPLETELY reminded me of House -did Hugh Laurie’s House inspire the sketch or is it just coincidence? -you reminded me of house and Zachs character reminded me of Wilson while Darren’s character was kind of a split between Foreman and House to me

    Question 3, do you honestly like having fans ask you for advice or are you kind of over it?

    Question 4, if you’re not to over it I really could use your expertise haha
    This guy I like does shrooms and I’ve always wanted to try them, tonight two of these girls I knew told me “Don’t do them” “you wouldn’t be able to handle it, you’re already paranoid.”. Is it just me or is that extreme insulting and they’re doubting my strength? -both of them do that shit all the time. Should I just not be around people who underestimate my body/mind tolerance and don’t believe I’m strong enough to handle the mindstate enhancing chemicals they do?

  4. Karen says:

    Trevor PLEASE sometime while you’re in NYC can we get drunk together?
    Which bars do you hang around midtown and what nights -if it’s not too presumptuous to ask??? It’d be a dream come true to hang out with or get drunk with you!!

  5. frankenfi says:

    Oops, I probably should have been able to guess that you were a film major. So sorry. Did you have to start all over at SVA or were you able to transfer over some of your units from VCU?

    I am a Future Teacher of America! This fall I am transfering to a university. I am super-stinkin’ excited to begin school but I am nervous too. If you ever felt fearful of a new campus, what did you do?

    • frankenfi says:

      I just finished a drawing of you this past weekend! You saw it because you commented on it on FB. If y’all do come back to Nor. Cal this fall, will you please sign the drawing for me?!

  6. Anthony LaPaglia says:

    Hey Trevor! Huge fan of Whitest Kids U Know and I absolutely loved the movie Miss March. I own it on Blu ray and DVD, I showed the movie to my friends in school who love WKUK and they thought the movie was Hilarious! I just wanted to ask if you ever got offered to make a sequel to Miss March, would you want to do it? Also what do you think Tucker and Eugene’s lives are like now after the events of Miss March?

  7. Nell says:

    Hello Trevor! First of all, everyone says it and I really apologize for repeating this like a broken record, but I figured in the likelihood that I probably won’t be able to actually say it in person I might as well say it now. Thank you a lot for doing what you do, I started watching WKUK when it was first on Fuse and you all were really the driving force behind me joining an improv group that helped me get through being at boarding school as well as realize that performing is what I want to do with my life. I really can’t thank you enough!
    That actually leads me to my question. I’ve been writing and recording my music for years and am currently in the process of trying to set up my own music page. However, I’m a little hesitant. The only thing holding me back from putting myself out there is that I’m afraid of what people might say about me. Believe me, I know that sounds really ridiculous considering rude comments pretty much go hand-in-hand with any type of performing.
    So my question is, how do you deal with negative things that are said about you? As a performer I really respect, I wondered if maybe you could shed some light on this for me?
    Thank you so much again, seriously. And I hope I’m able to attend a show this fall since I’m finally eighteen and able to get in!

  8. Kellie says:

    I know you’re best friends with Josh Fadem, and he just made a video called dinner for 2 that pretty much is the exact same thing as Timmy Talk show. Who’s the real mastermind behind this??????????

  9. saba says:

    Hey Trevor, I’m a huge fan…I love wkuk. I wanna know if or when your tour will bring you in or around Mississippi? I know we are a bunch of rednecks here but I also know many people that would love to see you. And one more question….if I ask nicely would u marry me? Lmao….

  10. Heidi Hallas says:

    Thank’s for answering, I know you get a lot of questions daily and probably asked many times over. Aside from the music, comedy tours and everyone branching off into new horizons, Do you guy’s plan on keeping up the comedic career with WKUK in movies? I know you guy’s have done a few kinda think it would be neat to see you guys franchise into comedic wkuk movies. Kinda like how Monty Python did comedy skits and branched off into movies. I will most definitely keep an eye out for tour dates in LA. Thanks for your time I know your a busy dude.. but well appreciated :)

  11. Kurt says:

    Hi Trevor!
    Do you get annoyed by people asking you for advice/hitting on you/whatever else they do on the internet?

  12. Zack says:

    Hey Trevor! I’ve found out that your into conspiracies and stuff like that. Well my question is what are your takes on aliens. And also what is your favorite UFO story? Lastly Id like to thank you for all the laughs you and the whitest kids have given me and I hope to see you on tour in boston sometime soon. Thanks.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Hey, just wondering about the album. Is it gonna be comedy or serious music stuff? Maybe both?

    I took 4 buses to Boston for the Royale show a while back. Loved it. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi to you again. Hope you guys get to do another NYC show!

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi Trevor! I want to say thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me! Legend.
    Will the DC area be one of your stops on your next tour??
    What is the largest animal you bet you can outrun?

  15. Tim says:

    Hi Trevor! first i would like to say i’m a huge fan and i hope that the tour comes to Pittsburgh Pa so i can c u preform. I have 3 questions if u don’t mind 1.Are you going to do another movie because miss march was hilarious and a really good movie and people who don’t think so apparently don’t have a sense of humor or a funny bone in there body!. 2.Is your cd going to be released in stores? 3. i myself want to do sketch comedy i write my own songs some parodys so do you have any advice? sorry i wrote so much

  16. Mary Kate says:

    Hey trevor! I love wkuk so much and you guys are all so talented, you inspire me to make others laugh! So my question is who is your favorite comedian? Also i’m just curious, are you good at math? Thanks and i hope whitest kids come to chicago soon!

  17. E says:

    How does OCD manifest in your life, other than annoyingly? Specifically.

  18. Bella says:

    Hello dear Trevor how are you? I’ve been listening to the commentary of the WKUK DVD’s (yes I like you that much) and I have some questions: A) What’s up with the clocks at 4:20? B) Why did you kiss Zach. For what sketch was it. He just played along and afterwards got angry at you. What’s the full story? C) Do you practice any religion seriously like deep inside do you believe in God? D) Do you really have a cat? Love you. I really miss you and I would love to see you every day. Thank you so much and for sharing and staying in touch it means a lot to us it makes us suffer a little less the absence of new episodes. Your generosity will pay off. Have an excellent week. You’re great! xo :)

  19. E. Recksins says:

    You and the other dudes are by far the best comics I have ever seen and I hope you and the guys will continue to do shows together. Got to admit me and my friends never heard of you guys until we saw your show on netflix and now we watch it over and over everyday cuz its just that funny. When are you guys planning on releasing the DVDs for season 4 & 5 as well as the cd with the song ‘old folks home’? I have been trying to buy them online but cant find them anywhere. Also what do u prefer, Xbox or ps3? ……. Halo of cod? Oh and who came up with the sketch for ‘weird’? That was hilarious!

  20. L.Anderl says:

    Hi Trevor!
    Iam from germany and one of your and the other wkuk! do you think you will perform here someday? maybe at some english comedy night.

  21. Brendon Booton says:

    Hey Trevor! I love your show! I was wondering when do you think that the WKUK movie will come out to theaters or when is a trailer? Also have you watched Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, I think it’s great! I want you to be in one of my videos for youtube, that would be awesome, but i’m all the way in Iowa. but yeah, your awesome man!

  22. Clara says:

    Trevor! Just had to let you know, seeing you all at the Va State Theater was one of the best nights of my life – my dad surprised me with tickets cause he’s a huge fan too!You all were amazing and just hope you all had as much fun as we did?
    Just wondering -you all played Justin Bieber’s Baby -are you all fans of him? Not to be rude but I can’t stand him… I just find him overrated.

  23. Madelene (and Hannah. Sigh.) says:

    Hey Trevor. My friend and I are huge fans, so we have two questions:
    1-Can you lower the age limit for your shows? We are not yet 18. Also, wanna hit up Hartford, CT? It’s boring, but…well, that’s a reason to come. I guess.
    2-When Timmy shits himself (or poops his pants, whichever you prefer) in the conference room, what was the turd made out of? Pudding and oatmeal, perhaps?

  24. Gus says:

    hey trevor, two questions. 1 where were you on the second season of breaking in? 2 do you guys plan on doing a live show in Mexico?

  25. Gus says:

    ALSO, have you seen the new lonely island video? they ripped you guys off!

  26. Andrea says:

    A friend just posted your Finger Ring sketch in reply to an 80′s cartoon discussion, and it reminded me poignantly of many of our ridiculous toys when we were children, specifically a Thundercats Eye of Omens ring with a sekrit compartment I loved as a 5 year old. And the cinnamon scent as a “feature” was absurdly true of those plastic collectibles. You often lampoon the childhood sense of wonder that is both stupidly zany and cynically manipulated by marketing, but there is a sense of sweetness and whimsy in your sketches. Do you ever feel like something is sacrosanct, and pull back or alter sketches, or is a sign that you need to go farther, and parody it more? Would you trade your childhood for one less affected by marketing, toys, and television? Do you plan on having children of your own? Will you permit them exposure to the same forces?

  27. Alexis says:

    Hey!!!!! I my brother Curtis showed me your show wkuk and I love it soo much my favorite skit is the space potatoes! :) my brothers. Has helped me solo much this past year and I wanted to do something for him? During one of your new skits can you please name one of your characters Curtis!?!?! I would love that! :) thank you and I think your awesome!!!!!! c:

  28. Luke says:

    Hey, Trevor. Huge fan of WKUK. I only heard about you guys about 2 years, but I’ve been hooked since day one. Anyway, if you’re ever near Cleveland, I’ll be sure to make it to a show. Anyway, a few questions:

    1) Coke or Pepsi?
    2) Do you write the majority or even all of the WKUK songs? You seem to be the most musically adept in the group, but then again that may just be because you’re the only one who does stuff on camera.
    3) If you are the main music writer/player of the group, how did you get so good at comedic music? I’ve played drums seriously for about 2 years, and guitar for about a year and a half. I’m decent at performing music, and I’m (from what it seems) a pretty funny guy. But when I try to mix the two, it just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I’m trying too hard (let’s face it, people who TRY too hard to be funny are usually annoying), but all I know is that it’s not working for me.
    4) What’s the craziest experience of your life? Whether it’s most dangerous, most exciting, scariest, etc.

    Anyway, thanks if you answer, and keep being awesome.

  29. Frank Tutankhamun says:

    Hey Trevor,

    Was wondering since WKUK started in front of an audience and was a regular live performance, was there ever any consideration of doing the televised show that way (not necessarily aired live but taped live) when you were developing it for fuse? Any thoughts on audience laughter in sketch/comedy tv shows?

    And as a Python fan I was surprised to find that Cleese never altered his performance during takes, did you guys experiment with each take, or always follow the script, or if it was funny once, stick to it or editor’s choice?

    Got to see you in Philly the night Whitney Houston died, bar the epic, soul shattering sadness of the announcement, twas a great show. Best of luck on the up-coming projects.


  30. Clara says:

    Trevor, again love you huge fan! In the sketch Sick Employee ( ), did you actually throw up?? I know you guys do a lot of method acting so I was wondering if here if you were actually throwing up or if you put some kind of fake vomit or something in your mouth?? It looked authentic and was kinda curious haha

  31. Kelly says:

    Trevor!! Please say you’re still in NYC??Otherwise if you already left I’m gonna be miserable I never got a chance to see/meet you:((((

  32. Miguel says:

    Hey Trevor, do you know the comic strip “cyanide & happiness”? I think you have a very similar sense of humor. Also, I read somewhere you used to do a comic strip at school, have you ever considered going back to that?

    Btw, since you’re a native english speaker, do you do comic strips or do you make them?

    Thanks in advance and please come to Europe with the troupe.

  33. Karen says:

    Trevor, i value your opinion more than anyone’s so I need your serious advice. I like this guy. We’ve hooked up a few times but it’s been after he’s downed some alcohol or something. He says he cares about me but he doesn’t want a girlfriend because his other girlfriend “hurt him so badly.”. Now I feel like he’s doing the same with me and toying my emotions. I’m not trying to be obsessed but the other night out of no control I sent him this message:

    “can I just ask why.. Why did you say anything about making plans, hanging or anything when you never intended to even associate with me after the party.. How much do you hate me to fuck with me like that?You know i consider you a friend.. and all you did was toy with it and you never had any intention of doing anything with me.
    I’m sorry about bothering you but I needed to get that out and I’m kinda curious why you would do that.. You seemed better than that”

    How over dramatic was that message because according to Facebook he’s “seen” it but won’t respond?? Am I insane? I know I’m hype to get his attention but I guess I’m trying to force my way to be more than his hook up girl. Do you think I officially creeped him out and that’s why he won’t respond?
    Againsorry to impose but wanted to seek the Trevor Moore’s council on my fucked up love life.

    Love you by the way!! And was wondering if any of you, Zach, Timmy, Sam or Darren actually play the Didgereedo -sorry for massacring that spelling!

  34. Lauren says:

    Trevor!! Saw you guys at the Virginia State Theater this past Febraury and you all were ridiculously amazing of course but I have to ask, if you remember, about an hour or two before your performance, when I parked the car in the little lot, I thought I saw you and maybe Sam walk by in the parking lot? Then as I sat down in a cafe like a block from the theater I thought I saw Zach walk by the window. It’s bugged me since February abd will bug me forever -do you remember if that was you guys?? Walking around outside the Va state theater like near the restaurants/cafes? Like before your performance then or were you inside the theater an hour or two prior to your show?? I need to know if that was you guys!!lol

  35. Miguel says:

    Btw, did you know that John Cleese considers your name to be funny? (Kevin, Trevor and Brian are his three choices of funny names in an interview, names that are just funny) I saw this in an old recording and thought “hey, wasn’t John Cleese one of Trevor’s idols? does he know about this? let’s ask him!”

    Minute 4:45

  36. Marissa says:

    Hey Trevor,
    I was wondering who you would consider to be your top ten favorite bands?
    My top ten consists of Breaking Benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Alice in Chains,
    David Bowie, The Who, Rush, Disturbed, Led Zeppelin, and my absolute favorite band, Nirvana. The reason I’m listing my own favorites is cause I’m also wondering, even if they don’t happen to fall into your top ten, if you happen to like any of the bands I like?

  37. Lauren G:) says:

    Hey Trevor! If you don’t mind my asking, does it ever bother you in all honesty having so many female fans think you’re sexy -(including me :p) and sometimes flirt with you? Are you flattered or do you wish they’d lay off?

  38. Clara says:

    Trevor, this is a retardedly random question, but what is your favorite chick flick? And what do you think of -if you’ve ever seen -A Walk to Remember??

    Also, another random, from one Aries to another, do you believe in astrology at all? Not the newspaper horoscope predictions, but like the information on signs personality traits and compatibility?

  39. Toby says:

    Hey Trevor, first of all: I love WKUK and you have all provided me with countless laughs. My questions are:

    1.) should I expect the WKUK movie to be released in 2013 or 2014?

    2.) will you be doing anything else with Sam, Timmy, Zach, and Darren after the movie?

    3.) when you tour next could you PLEASE come to Columbus? I’d love to see you guys all live!

  40. Allison says:

    Hey Trevor! I was wondering, are there any characters from your sketches that were extra fun to play, or if there were any characters that you didn’t play but wish you could have? And what sketch did you guys have the most fun filming?

    Also, you should totally come to Pittsburgh on your tour. That’d be tight, and it would kind of make my life. No pressure or anything.

    Oh, also, I think it’s really funny when people ask you for advice on their personal problems xD

  41. Paul Edward Cuminale says:

    Hey, i just wanted to let you know that I saw Miss March in theatres and I loved it from the moment I saw it. I have too questions, were you bummed out about how the movie did in it’s run? And I’ve read that you refrain from swearing due to your OCD, which was interesting to me because in Miss March you say “cock” but you’ve never said the F word. I think that’s really interesting and I’d like to know more about how the word cock doesn’t bother you but the F word does. If you wouldn’t mind. Thanks. – Paul.

  42. Danzilla says:

    If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

  43. Chuck says:

    Trevor: I have a WKUK tattoo (yeah Rick, THAT tattoo). I love you guys so much. Best sketch comedy show I’ve ever watched.

    Will you record my voicemail message?

  44. Jay says:

    These questions really took off since the first week.
    my question is, would you ever have a guest join you in doing commentary on your last 2 seasons on DVD? I think it would be fun to have a fan ask questions while its going on and we give our perspective and do a little back and forth? Sound interesting? If so id wanna do it!!
    Also, are we still on for that “Weird Al” concert?

    Ps. Would you ever consider getting a mullet? They’re coming back. I have one.

  45. Ally says:

    Hey, Trevor!! Big fan of you / the show(s) / Miss March / super psyched for the new WKUK movie and your album.

    I saw you guys at the Troc last winter (which was amazing!!!), and in the one original sketch, the prayer to Satan, I remembered that you didn’t do it and just stood there. I also remember in that show (and in a few sketches), you seem to identify with more Christian/conservative views. Then in other sketches you seem a lot more liberal. I was just wondering where you identify yourself on the religious and political spectrums?

    Also, a personal THANK YOU!!!!! My friends and I totally look up to you guys (also literally; you’re all so freaking tall!! lol) and have started our own comedy sketch troupe, “mAndaTory.alTernativE” so, thanks for being an inspiration! :D

    REALLY hope you’re coming to Philly / NYC sometime in the next tour series. I really wanna see you guys live again!!

  46. Josh says:

    Hey, Trevor! The wikipedia entry for WKUK says you are from Parkersburg, WV. I live in Parkersburg WV and if you did as well , I must ask: What was your most and least favorite part of living there. I’m personally drawing a blank on most favorite.

  47. Caveman says:

    Hey there Trevor, I was just curious, are you a fan of Kid Cudi?

  48. I really do look at the many principles you may have available as part of your posting. They’re persuasive and definately will certainly perform. Still, the blogposts are extremely simple for starters. May you please extend them slightly via the next time? Wanted posting.

  49. Heather says:

    Hello! Was just wondering if you ever do shows in N.Carolina. It would be fabulous to see you guys. Tbh I didn’t even know you toured and I’ve been watching WKUK for years!

  50. Trevor, my name is Mark Burton. I spoke to you in person once ;] I want to be in your show, please find me on facebook or email me at…I’m seriously not Jesus Christ, don’t ever think that. I’m crazier than you can imagine and I am totally into men ;]

    ta ta, I wanna be in your show,
    seriously…Mark Burton/ NOT Jesus Christ

  51. Zac jackson says:

    hey trevor! im a huge fan. i love what about mouthwash and founding fathers. theres a blonde girl in founding fathers and i was wondering who she was?

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