• Ok. Sorry it took me SOOOOOO long to answer these. I’ve been recording the new album for the last two weeks and it’s been pretty crazy. (Also, I have some weird “list” format on this post that I can’t seem to get rid of – sorry I’m a mess right now.) Anyway, here are last weeks answers to your questions. If you have any more, leave them in the comments section of this post and I’ll answer them by next week. Sorry again about my late-ness!! And thanks for your questions!
  • Pisces says:
  • Q: I’ve always thought that for a funny guy, you have a very dramatic face and voice… Would you ever consider doing a dramatic character in something?
  • A: Sure! I think bad guys are the most fun to play. That’s one of the things I liked about the ‘Breaking In’ part, was that, originally, it seemed like it was going to be the bad guy of the series.
    Vito Gogolasays:

  • Q: Hey Trevor! Me and my brother are two young Swedes doing comedy, music and movies – when not struggling at high school – and WKUK are one of our main inspirations. I just wondered if you have any advice for aspiring comedians such as ourselves? Know this is a tough one to answer, but is there something you remember when you yourself were a teenager trying to make it into comedy?
  • A: Just do a lot of it. Perform as much as you can, wherever you can. Open-mic nights, school, etc. And film as much stuff as you can and put it up on-line! The younger you start, the younger you’ll start to find your legs.
  • Anthony LaPagliasays:
  • Q: Hey Trevor! Will the Whitest Kids U Know Movie have a full plot or will it be a bunch of sketches in 1 movie? Also could you tell us anything about the movie? Im so excited for it! Also your show at the Boston Royale was hilarious and awesome!
  • A: It will be a full plot. I can’t tell you much about it because we’re still trying to decide which story it is. We’ve kind of been working on a few simultaneously. And thanks!! The Boston show was a really fun one for us too!
  • Mary Kate Naughtonsays:
  • Q: When do you think the movie will be finished and where will people be able to see it?
  • A: We’d love to start shooting it within a year and hopefully it will be in theaters or Netflix or cell phones or tweets or something futur-ey.
  • Danielle Youngsays:
  • Q: I fell in love with WKUK way back when yall ( I’m from Mississippi which explains why I have poor language skills) were on Fuse. After that, I followed the show on IFC, even recorded the shows on VHS tapes (yes VHS tapes as I live in Mississippi) to show to my friends. I wanted everyone I knew to see yalls show cuz I laughed my ass off at every episode, even the 15 minute ones. Anyway, just wondering if yall will ever come to the south, I would love to see yall live but all the shows are in huge cities I can’t get to
  • A: Thanks Danielle! We’ll definitely come to the south sometime on this next tour! We’ve skipped it on the last 2 so we’re long overdue!
  • Bellasays:
  • Q: Hello Trevor how are you? Are you really 6′ 6″? From the Whitest kids cast who is your favorite playing girls? You all do it great so much fun. Can you share bloopers from the Whitest Kids U know please? Are you still friends with Zach? Did you know you have lots of fans in Mexico? Thanks, all my best wishes! You’re great! Take care.
  • A: I really am 6’6”.  Darren is the best at being a girl. But Timmy is a close second. He just looks like a mom. As for bloopers, one time Sam drank a whole bottle of Scope while we were shooting and fell down a flight of stairs. I am still friends with Zach. And I didn’t know we had a lot of fans in Mexico! Maybe we can tour down there!
  • Ellensays:
  • Q: How rude and personal is it for me to ask you -while in NY, will you be spending more time in East or West Manhattan, and will your NYC fans get a chance to see you at all???
  • A: I’ve been spending most of my time in Brooklyn and mid-town (where the studio is). But I take the L train a lot. And the F, too.
  • CKsays:
  • Q: Please please please please please please please please PLEASE one time while you’re in NY can we hang out??
  • A: L train! Between 6 – 9 pm!
  • Daniellesays:
  • Q: Who out of all you all, Sam, Timmy, Darren, and Zach are most likely to take a punch for some random person just cuz you’re just that compassionate?lol
  • A: Probably Darren. He’s a pretty swell guy.
  • Christinasays:
  • Q: I just watched ‘New Years Eve’ and I was wondering I you played and extra in the movie? Either that or I was way too tired to be watching a movie that night!
  • A: Absolutely not!
  • Jay W.says:
  • Q: In the Cowboys sketch, does that actually have some truth to it? What I’m trying to say is, do you all kind of ignore Timmy? I don’t think that Dakota boy could be replaced. Do you still get a boner every time you watch Baked Beans?
  • A: In sketches where we play ourselves, we’re kind of doing exaggerated versions of our own personalities and relationships. So, we don’t ignore Timmy that badly, no. But he might answer differently. And yes, boner everytime.
  • Laurelsays:
  • Q: Hey Trevor! I love The Whitest Kids (saw you guys in Madison it was hilariously AMAZING!) and I’m also a major Monty Python fan, I was wondering what your favorite Python sketch is and do you have a favorite Python member? Oh and did you meet them when you did the Almost The Truth stuff? What was it like?!
  • A: “The Architect Sketch” was always my favorite. And we met each of them except for John Cleese. It was really crazy. They were all very nice and I was very nervous.
  • Danasays:
  • Q: Okay, so, A. Pleeeaseeee come to Minneapolis in the next year? Or Milwaukee. Us Midwest freaks need to laugh too.
  • B. At yer shows, are there like tickets you can get to chill backstage with you guys? Oh my God, was that weird to ask..? Oh, care.
  • C. Do you have a girlfriend?
  • A: We will try our best to! B: There’s not tickets to hang out backstage, but we try to hang out afterwards and meet everyone. C: No girlfriend, but I have a wife … which is kind of like a girlfriend.
  • Clairesays:
  • Q: Hey Trev I have a question. On wikipedia it lists your recurring characters and one of them is Hitler and it says there’s a sketch called Nazi Beach Party. Does that exist? I’ve scoured the internet to try to find it, but I can’t!
  • A: That is not a sketch. Wikipedia says a lot of weird stuff. Last time I was on my page, it quoted me on something I said on ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’.  I was never on the Bonnie Hunt Show. If there was ever a Bonnie Hunt Show. Oh yeah and I hate that picture they have of me… if only there was some way I could change wikipedia.
  • Clarasays:
  • Q: Hey Trevor! Thanks again for doing the Q&A and hope you are able get to this question!lol. As an avid Lord of the Rings and Whitest Kids fan, I l.o.v.e. your sketch on Lord of the Rings but I have to ask, are you a fan of the trilogy as well? Did you read any of the books, and are you planning on seeing The Hobbit when it comes out?? Sorry to bombard you with these questions!lol I’ve just been wondering this since I saw the sketch haha
  • A: I watched all of them but I’m not a huge fan of magic in movies. Because in magic movies, I’m never really scared for the characters. I always just assume that the main character will be saved at the last minute by some spell or monster we haven’t seen yet … or big, coincidental eagle that can come in and save the day. But, I’ll still probably go see the Hobbit.
  • Clarasays:
  • Q: Trevor please do me the biggest favor -you said something in your other Q&A how your female characters tend to have names that start with C or something like Candace, could you do me the biggest favor and in the next sketch or movie you write can you name one of the girls Clara or even Clarissa?haha please??
  • A: Sure! Maybe.
  • Maria H.says:
  • Q: In the episode, “Dad Wired Shut” when Sam says “Oh no who hit him?” after Darren says “Daddy was in a car accident…” what is your response that leads Darren -or ‘Helen’ to say “Daddy that’s racist!” lmfao was it something like “Some asian?” lol
  • A: I honestly don’t remember. It might have just been gibberish.
  • frankenfisays:
  • Q: What other areas are y’all talented in aside from what we see? I’d like to make a tour request if I may. Could y’all please come back to Nor. Cal in fall.
  • A: We’re really good at playing Risk. And we’ll definitely be back in the San Francisco area.
  • Yahnsays:
  • Q: Hi Trevor! Since I am from Russia, I was always wondering, how you like our Evil Empire and will Whitest Kids ever make it here (or maybe Europe, which is more realistic) to do a show? Srsly, consider it an invitation!
  • A: I’d love to come to Russia to do shows! I don’t know how to go about setting that up though. We’ve had a couple people write us and ask us to come do shows there.
  • Emaleesays:
  • Q: Hi Trevor! 1) I’ve always wanted to know if the squirrel in the hot box scene was real. Brilliant sketch by the way. Damn near pissed myself haha.
  • 2) Would you be interested in doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Not sure if you’re familiar with it though. It’s site where people from all over the world post ideas, pics, stories, etc. It’s pretty much the butthole of the Internet haha.
  • A: 1) The smoke was catnip and the squirrel was fake! And thanks!
  • 2)  Sure. Someone asked me to do one before and I answered, like, 3 questions but I was doing it on my phone and away from my computer – so it got too complicated and I quit.
  • Mariasays:
  • Q: Hi Trevor! Dogs or cats? You’ve mentioned something about having a cat but besides you’re own -if you had to choose which is your favorite?
  • A: Dogs. Cats don’t really like you.
  • Lalitasays:
  • Q: Will you come to Canada in your future tour, Trevor? I’d love to see you!!!
  • A: We’ve done some shows in Vancouver before. Had a great time. Would definitely like to play up there again.
  • Miguelsays:
  • Q: My question is, when do you think toothbrush moustaches (Hitler’s moustache) will come back into fashion? My father wasn’t even born when Hitler died yet today we can’t still grow one of those without getting looked at, you know? So, what’s your opinion. Btw, it really works on you.
  • A: I think that everyone, when they shave off their moustache’s – leaves themselves a Hitler moustache for a minute or two and they make angry faces in the mirror or walk around the house ‘heiling’ things. So it’ll never fully go away.
  • Bill McCormacksays:
  • Q: Long time fan here. Do you play xbox 360 online, and if so, what is your gamertag? I hope that you come to the Dallas, TX or Shreveport, LA area during your tour. I’ll bring you an awesome water pipe if you’d like! I own a headshop.
  • A: I do! I try not to give out my gamertag though because then I keep getting messages while I’m playing and it’s distracting. I would totally hang out with you and your waterbong at your headshop though.

  • Miranda says:
  • Q: Trevor Trevorr trrevor pleadr canu get drunk eith you one day please?
  • A: Sure. We’re going to a headshop in Shreveport, LA.
  • nadine says:
  • Q: Actually, screw that: Are you all gonna be coming to Boston anytime soon? Would love to see WKUK live again!
  • A: Hey Nadine! This fall we’ll be touring again and we’ll definitely hit Boston. And then I’ll probably be touring with the album early next year so I’ll probably go through there again!
  • Danisays:
  • Q: Hello, I had a question for you  I was wondering if you’re ever coming back to Breaking In?
  • A: Well, I think it’s cancelled now. So probably not :(

Thanks everyone! Sorry it took me so long to get to these. I’ll answer any other questions next week! (Maybe not by Monday – but I’ll try!)


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  1. VaginalBloodFart says:

    Do you still do the carlton when not being solicited by people making videos?

  2. Victoria says:

    Would you please tell my five year old hi. His name is Reese and he thinks you are so funny. He knows wayyyy more WKUK sketches than any five year old should know. He wants to dress up like sex robot for Halloween. Lol.
    Also… We would love for you guys to make a stop in Tennessee. We like to laugh down here too ;-)
    Thanks for the laughs. Can’t wait for the new stuff.

  3. Glen says:

    Anecdote then question. On memorial day I made a hammock out of hemp, then attempted to smoke it. I past out from lack of oxygen but not in the hammock I just smoked. OK now question. How was your memorial day? Oh and do you prefer “Slam Dunk Ernest” or “Ernest Goes to Jail? Get at me bra !

  4. Aaron says:

    of Hey Trevor! Huge fan yours. If you are ever in central Florida and want somewhere to “mellow out” get at me. It would be an honor. My question is this: How many takes, on average, does it take you to not laugh during a skit? I mean, I sometimes catch you guys cracking a smile and you just roll with it.

  5. lara star says:

    Hey Trevor :)
    while going through a crazy breakup a yr ago,my cousins showed me WKUK to cheer me up and since then..I’ve seen literally EVERY single sketch from the show,and in some odd way ,it definitely got me through my breakup..SO THANK YOU! ;)
    A) so,my 10 cousins and i are all very close,im the 2nd oldest (21),and we all have the same dry/crazy humor as you and the guys from WKUK,and we all think we deserve a weird late night reality show about my entire family lol and thought it’d be perfect if you’d be the ryan seacrest to our family as he is to the Kardashians,and be our producer for our show lol WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER THAT??(its worth a shot lol) or EVER PRODUCING ANYTHING? you’re so talented.

    B) Will you ever make a stop in Texas for the tour? im in san antonio,but Austin would be a perfect stop for you guys,i’d totally make a trip to ATX. also,if you ever need help booking in TX,my father is well known musician,bar owner,local magazine creator,and business graduate,who’d love to help get u over here.
    C) On your twitter you mentioned,”Cocaine Mondays”…is that something you still do? if so,maybe you should try coming to TX on a monday!!!! ;) (jk,kinda)

    D.) What type of music are u into? for some reason,everytime i listen to folk,such as Conor Oberst,M.Ward…etc. i see us,like hanging out on a Monday,jamming out ;D


  6. Cate says:

    Hi! :) First, I feel I must tell you that I absolutely love the Whitest Kids. I was like, 15 when the show premiered, and I’ve been a fan ever since. You guys are fucking awesome, and it’s impossible to be in a shitty mood after watching an episode. I’ve actually been watching your guys’ commentary on the episodes now, haha which may sound like a waste of time, but you guys are amusing.
    And secondly, would you guys be able to come down to Arizona while touring? Tucson, to be specific. In all honesty, it sucks dick here, but I would LOVE to see you guys! It would be awesome. :)

  7. Bill McCormack says:

    My headshop isn’t in Shreveport, it’s in a small town that you guys would never want to have to visit, lol. But if you come to the Shreveport, or Dallas, or Little Rock area, I’ll be there with a cool “waterpipe” as a gift. ;)

    I understand not wanting to say your gamertag, but I’d love to play with you sometime if you’re up to it. You can add me, my gamertag is Bill McCormack (because I’m extremely creative). I promise to never bother you on there, but if you ever want to play, just hit me up!

    So what games do you like to play most? Oh yeah, and out of the cast of WKUK, who would you least be surprised to have “come out of the closet”?

  8. Heather Mason says:

    When you guys come to the San Francisco area this next tour are we gonna get to meet Zach? Cause last time he left right after to see his friends :-( .

  9. Valerie says:

    (Oops, posted this in the wrong place initially)

    Hey Trevor, Just wanted to say you’re super awesome!
    Do you get asked how tall you are a lot? My fiance is 6’8”, he gets bugged about it everywhere we go. Also, do you watch any other comedians or musicians, like Bo Burnham, Dereck Comedy/Childish Gambino, or Tim Minchin?
    Thanks to much for taking the time to talk to all of us!

  10. Bella says:

    Hello Trevor! How are you? Did you really hit Zach with the phone book? It looked real. Did any of you guys ever get injured by doing your stunts? From the WKUK guys who’s your best friend? What’s your favorite movie and actor? Which Shakespearian role would you like to play? Who directs your musical videos? Thank you. Love you; you’re so talented, intelligent and handsome. All the best! :)

  11. Heidi Hallas says:

    I have to admit I have only just heard of WKUK last year and completely laughed so hard I peed, HA! I absolutely love the roll reversals portraying your self’s as lady’s from a guys perspective at times. I mean come on who dose not like foul mouthed Douchebaggery? I think you guy’s have a natural chemistry that just works, I know you guy’s travel to San Fran, Have you guy’s ever considered touring in Long beach? Oo yeah and the sketches you guy’s do are hilarious SERIOUSLY, do you guy’s ever consider doing real life situations and problems in your sketches and manipulating them into comedy? you know like the ones that are a fine line between ( Ooopsie did i just say that) and ( Officer I swear I was not smuggling midgets in pinatas). Sorry I have a warped twisted mind :) Any way’s a BIG thank’s to you guy’s for giving me a reason to piss my pant’s with reason. You deff have fan’s here in LBC! xOxO!

  12. IS says:

    Dear Trevor can you please explain to me talking in general and seriously why if some men hate their wives, are not attracted to them anymore, feel castrated and limited by them, are sick and tired of them, etc. They don’t divorce them and instead they cheat on them. Like Sam’s character on the blue aliens sketch. Why can’t they just get a divorce and be free to do whatever they want? Please enlighten me about male nature. (I’m not married or anything like that I just don’t understand this)

  13. Amanda B says:

    Hey, budski! Here’s a question for you…

    What’s the worst heckling you’ve experienced on stage?? Do you have a FAVORITE time you’ve been heckled? Also, any favorite memory of one of the OTHER WKUK being heckled?

  14. Amanda B says:

    …So I have this guy who I was friends with in 7th grade…now we’re 27-28 and we’ve re-connected. We were rogging for awhile even though he’s got a girlfriend. One night after doin’do’do’doin’it’doin’it I told him he should probably stop seeing her. He blew up at me and told ME I was being “disrespectful to his relationship.”

    SOthe question is…On a scale of 1 to fucking Micheal Lohan, how huge of a soaring douche-hole is he, AND, just exactly how hard should I kick him in the nutsac?

  15. Miguel says:

    Why do you think people ask you about things that happen in their lives? Do you have a history as a counselor? Do girls tell you you’re a good listener?

    And also:

    What do you think would happen if you pour insect repellent over an insect?

  16. frankenfi says:

    Did you go to SVA right after high school? What did you major in and did it ever change during your time in college?

  17. Ellie says:

    I’m sorry Trevor but I need your advice on this situation, but this girl and I have never really gotten along that well, after she deliberately ignored me one time I called her a bitch on twitter putting her on blast -NOT saying that was the most mature thing but at least I didn’t tag her -(neither of us follow each other) -two of my followers retweeted me so she could see it. She then harasses me with Facebook messages saying I need to grow up and stop caring what people think. She’s 23, I’m 20, how is she more mature then I am by bombarding me with Facebook messages then blocking me so she has the last word? Also doesn’t it sound like SHE’s the one who cares what people think?
    I’m sorry to bombard you with my problems but I wouldn’t to know YOUR thoughts on this scenario even if you think I’m a dumbass cuz I value your opinions more than most peoples

  18. Lorena says:

    Hello Trevor. Big fan here with a few questions.
    If you’ve ever experienced severe anxiety and OCD, how did you or how are you coping with the disorders?
    Do your fans ever inspire you and the rest of the WKUK in some way?
    If you could star in any one of your favorite movies, which one would it be?
    Are there any songs you like that you wish you wrote first?
    Who do you relate to most, Beavis or Butthead?

  19. Mary-Kate G. says:

    Hey Trevor you are the shit ! (: I follow you on twitter and I’ve read a few posts about you being a vegetarian, are you one? Also I see a lot of Ancient Aliens references, are you a fan of the show? If you are have you ever met Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (the dude with the crazy hair)?

  20. CK says:

    Trevor! I love you and your show and just want to thank you for doing the Q&A

    I need your advice: I met this girl whose into me but I think I’m just straight, she’s bi and kissed me when we hung out -didnt mind it but is now acting like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend -or I guess in this case GF and GF. She’s hot and not a bad kisser but I don’t know if I’m ready for this -she’s a bit clingy and super intense so how should I react to this??

    Thanks again for being the most down to earth and hottest comedian!!! With love,

  21. CLara says:

    Will there be love songs on this album?? And if so could you dedicate one to a girl named Clara??lol jk -unless you want to haha:)<3

  22. Melly says:

    Is the piano bar you guys have talked about the same one on West 140th -in (manhattan)?

  23. Richard Cano says:

    Hey Trevorino,
    I need some production advice. Me and two of my good buddies that I just graduated film school with have started a production company together making music videos, short films, and comedy sketches. Lately a lot of emphasis has been put on the comedy sketches. I’ve been doing comedy since I was a kid, made stupid videos when I was little, done stand-up since I was 16, wrote for the comedy newspaper at my University for years, and have won awards for three different short comedy films I made in school. My two buddies, they’re fun guys, but their comedic experience only includes the few skits we’ve made so far. What’s been tough lately is we all seem to bicker on where to go with any new sketch idea, which then they don’t end up getting made. I know group collaboration is a huge asset to creativity, but it’s getting so frustrating that I’m tempted to just make stuff on my own. Did you guys ever have trouble in the collaborative process, and if you did, what was the best way to get over it for the sake of the show?

  24. Letty says:

    Yyeelloowww Trevor! Been into WKUK since the beggining of its amazing creation! I must admit it isn’t the best thing to grow up with (lol), but hecks did it make my shitty days awesome! I’ve always admired the fact that you’re not afraid of anything, no matter what others say, no matter how outrageous whatever you are acting is, you’ll do it because you want to. THAT sir is something not everybody can do. First, I must thank you for the laughs and the horrible puns. Second, just wanted to let you know that your outgoingness has inspired me to not be afraid of being outgoing myself! Third, keep being awesome! :D

    And now for my 2 questions: 1)Was there ever a time you thought a sketch of yours was “too much” and ended up not filming it at all?

    2) What sort of advice would you give to a n00b comedic actor?

    Thanks and wish you well always! xoxox

    P.S. I love the “Old Folks’ Home” song. :D

  25. Jamie says:

    Would you ever consider publishing more copies of scraps? Right now I can only find them on amazon for 217 dollars or more!!!!!!!! It would be great. Thanks for your time. Have a good one

  26. nick giese says:

    hey trevor im a big fan i was first introduced to your work back in 2008 when i was deployed in iraq. i can tell you right now that wkuk helped me find some humor in a really bad place. i have a few questions. my first is what is your stance on the legalization of pot. my second is are you ever going to do any shows in washington state. if you are i would love to meet you and smoke with you. my next question is when you do sketches where you ether smoke pot or drink do you use the real thing or is it all just fake like most of hollywood. im a die hard fan and i loved civil war on drugs. thank you for your time

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